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  • Ryan Tube
    Ryan Tube

    1:39 Is anyone going to say something about the floating ammo box?

  • Oisin Boland
    Oisin Boland

    We need a nick fury skin in fortnite

  • The phamily life
    The phamily life

    I found 5 nannite

  • TonyShoy

    I agree spider Man should come

  • Naseeroo

    Him:Getting three SMGs me: getting thousands of pistols

  • Evie Fletcher
    Evie Fletcher

    we need on fortnite lex luthor and the riddler

  • Jerry Walls
    Jerry Walls

    I think they should Make a black panther

  • GlenTheChiliFox YT
    GlenTheChiliFox YT

    I’m Batman…

  • Trollie

    7:09 the batman skin.

  • Kash and .J.B. The boys
    Kash and .J.B. The boys

    Please tell them I want to see in fornite platic man

  • (Flame) 1
    (Flame) 1

    I want vision from marvel to be added

  • Moodi-M Gamer
    Moodi-M Gamer

    Ali why are you scared to show your account name I want to add as a friend but I don't know your fortnite account name you always hide your account name like a scared baby

  • Sunday Fan
    Sunday Fan

    Bruh Call of Duty mobile IS EASY

  • Ben Large
    Ben Large

    weird gravity box

  • costrodka

    I didn’t get his glider but I got everything else

  • Ajax Ashley
    Ajax Ashley

    No way it’s thickman!

  • :3Willow -_-
    :3Willow -_-

    Alia I can help you my mom Username is SF-_-ZaneCDN

  • Nice guy
    Nice guy

    You still haven’t changed

  • Logan Albano
    Logan Albano

    I am buying the bundle as soon as it comes out

  • Omar Omar
    Omar Omar

    ali a i want o be in one of your videos tommorow morning so i bought your hoodie merch and my user is Crackedboy_4life

  • Shahid Mahmood
    Shahid Mahmood

    alia i am a huge fan could u add me my user is creeping-sprain

  • Yah Hurr
    Yah Hurr

    He's still milking dead fortnite

  • Skyyz

    Nah u are just bad srry

    • Skyyz

      For the sweat

  • Wyatt Killian
    Wyatt Killian

    Used code alia

  • Lolllll

    Any chance of when the flash skin returning 🤔

  • agentdark64

    I think you should play rust and join oblivions server and pretend to be oblivion. It would be funny.

  • dan ryans
    dan ryans

    He is fake

  • josh t
    josh t

    yo ali i got banned for teaming back in ch1s 7 and im now gonna be unbaned in two qwwks can we paly to gether to get me a win

  • Francesco DeFiore
    Francesco DeFiore

    Alia is probably one of the most annoying youtubers on the platform

  • Mason Heigh
    Mason Heigh

    The teen titans

  • Isileli Tonu
    Isileli Tonu

    A crossover with power rangers would be epic😍

  • The Epic 3!
    The Epic 3!

    Hopefully they do one for the fast and furious 9 film

  • Diamond Rabbit
    Diamond Rabbit

    If you watched netflix trollhunters you would want it in the game Like imagine his Daylight sword and amulet built in emote And it was the perfect skin for season 5

  • Bikramjeet Singh
    Bikramjeet Singh

    you were in my lobby and i won

  • Cooper bray
    Cooper bray

    Haha cool

  • TheRealSamboy

    You can get the Batman comics from on online store called forbidden planet

  • Chip

    I hope fortnite add marvels nova to the game

  • King_NoobiusX

    Ali a clickbaits too much.

  • Dusty Schley
    Dusty Schley


  • Linda Cruz
    Linda Cruz

    Hey why u say a bad word man?

  • Aaron Salazar
    Aaron Salazar

    How the mighty have fallen 😔 I remember watching him playing Pokémon go and the escapist

  • Laura Bernal
    Laura Bernal

    Ali a skin❤️❤️❤️

  • Laura Bernal
    Laura Bernal

    Lazerbeam has 18.4m subscribers

  • Anayeli Hernandez
    Anayeli Hernandez

    Hi Ali-A do you know about The ufo for the new update where Players go in the mothership I Saw One at coral castle

  • Trick Shot Tricksters Gaming
    Trick Shot Tricksters Gaming

    I was playing Fortnite 2 days ago and I saw someone with that skin and I think it was you

  • Theodor Trif
    Theodor Trif

    U fell off

  • abdullah alshami
    abdullah alshami

    I would really like scorpion from mortal kombat

  • frank magidi
    frank magidi

    Try doing an alien gun only challenge e.g pulse rifle

  • Ettienne Jansen Van Rensburg
    Ettienne Jansen Van Rensburg

    Hello Ali-A.Can I maybe play some Fortnite with you because my friends are busy and can't play with me🥺

  • Haribo290

    And human bill is going to be a skin very soon

  • Haribo290

    Epic accidentally gave me it too but took it back 2 hours later

  • Monika Adindu
    Monika Adindu

    Remember when ali a tried to roast jelly at 20 million

  • The crazy gamer Bg
    The crazy gamer Bg


  • Jacks Life
    Jacks Life

    Fortnite needs to make a Spider man skin

  • Marti Marti
    Marti Marti


  • kudzumonster 4
    kudzumonster 4

    Happy fourth of July lol 😂🤣😆😂😆

  • Atixs_Fn

    Go talk to dream flower and do you all the questions and something weird happens

  • Joysum Hippo
    Joysum Hippo

    He does realise the zero batman skin was in the game like, a week or 2 ago?

  • elodewijk

    Ali can you make a new destiny video


    I’m Alia friend on xbox

  • Yoyo Hochman
    Yoyo Hochman

    green lantern

  • bolt

    Init same

  • Xavier Hendricks
    Xavier Hendricks

    And also can you friend me my username is ChairmanZala1

  • Xavier Hendricks
    Xavier Hendricks

    It’s done

  • Xavier Hendricks
    Xavier Hendricks

    80 sec

  • Xavier Hendricks
    Xavier Hendricks

    But it’s still uploading but it will be done soon

    • Xavier Hendricks
      Xavier Hendricks

      I was just playing with my sister and then it happed

  • Xavier Hendricks
    Xavier Hendricks

    Hay Alia I got a clip on my LTwhite channel of me snacking with the mpc Rex and he chugs me after

  • Shack613 !!!
    Shack613 !!!

    Ali a Spider-Man is not the last big crossover you forgot about darth Vader and jack sparrow and Indiana Jones and Harry Potter and Mario and Mickey Mouse and homer Simson

  • Sadia Khan
    Sadia Khan


  • ok ok
    ok ok


  • Isengard Flores
    Isengard Flores

    Jelly beat you

  • andi chun
    andi chun

    That is my combo

  • N4GHT 0WL
    N4GHT 0WL

    Epic needs to add the hulk or hulkbuster

  • William Cross
    William Cross

    Ur still losing to jelly from subs lol

  • Sehrish Dastagir
    Sehrish Dastagir

    My b day is on July 7th

  • Devang Gandevia
    Devang Gandevia

    Hi alia can you add me as a friend

  • Rajbeer Kaur
    Rajbeer Kaur

    I think that fortnite should collaborate with mortal combat

  • Ares Jad Almanzor
    Ares Jad Almanzor

    And fun 😠

  • martin hannah
    martin hannah

    Go to beach brutus then find a UFO abduct brutus and take him to the grotto

  • BluCheese963

    NO WAY! My birthday is on the 6th!!

  • Kohath Bellen
    Kohath Bellen

    Hey ali how was the feeling of ur karma when u flexed on Jelly

  • n o t o r i o u s
    n o t o r i o u s

    It’s cool how Ali still plays like OG style and doesn’t do a edit course and use he’s whole mats on 1 person 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Phin_avo

    I just started a week ago

  • Phin_avo

    Can you please give me the battle pass please ali

  • ShadowPLAYER Gaming
    ShadowPLAYER Gaming

    Ali A please give me a shout out for my channel in your video

  • bigboy ronny
    bigboy ronny

    I rememeber watching ur bo2 vids fortnite is killing you man

  • Nicholai Seay
    Nicholai Seay

    I wish there was a spiderman skin because I feel like it would complete the marvel set

  • tashi yangzom
    tashi yangzom

    Alia the fortnite mothership is moveing aruod the fortnite map

  • Cheekie

    Title content during the last 2 minutes outta a 10 min video, no wonder I stopped watching you after bo2 🤣

  • Just a man who wants subs
    Just a man who wants subs

    Looks so sick

  • עילאי אלמליח
    עילאי אלמליח

    7:23 he said mad man lol ithink he ment batman

  • King Sanad E
    King Sanad E

    I want to see wonder woman cyborg hulk and Spider-Man in fortnite

  • I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
    I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    FORTNITE IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Mulgrew
    Johnny Mulgrew

    Thats so cool i just got the crew pass

  • Kaleb Davis
    Kaleb Davis

    bro your shop is amazing

  • Frankie Playzzz
    Frankie Playzzz

    We’re going through to semi finals you exited

  • Freez R&J
    Freez R&J

    Hi Ali a I’m a big fan cane I add you on fortnite

  • Jiggin 4 Biggins
    Jiggin 4 Biggins

    July sickth got it

  • sylverzz

    I love the videos where Ali plays the game ❤️ ❤️

  • YoboiDee

    It's been a long time scenei watched ali-a