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  • Ali-A

    Hey everyone!

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    • Arthur is a qt
      Arthur is a qt

      Hello there

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      Jonah Vallier

    • Marios Michail
      Marios Michail

      Ahoy mate

  • Green Hi
    Green Hi

    King shark

  • Frank Bravo
    Frank Bravo

    Well it’s Tuesday and no boom

  • Annette Hill
    Annette Hill

    Alia can you friend request me my name is withersoul12

  • Adam Vallejo
    Adam Vallejo

    What is that music lol 8:28

  • Wg Shadow
    Wg Shadow


  • Vivek Samal
    Vivek Samal

    Code alia

  • DS GoalKeeping
    DS GoalKeeping

    Finally, stickers are coming to fortnite after three years

  • DS GoalKeeping
    DS GoalKeeping

    Finally, stickers are coming to fortnite after three years

  • YoYoJakeTheDog

    Thought I'd see what's going on with Alia. I remember when he was a cod player

  • 🩹-alex-🩹

    I remember when I used to watch you years ago

  • Juan Sosa
    Juan Sosa


  • The Gonzos
    The Gonzos


  • Arry_OP

    Alia needs an icon skin just so he can stop depending on the Avengers backbling to show his 'A'

    • Mdrip.

      I don’t even know why he doesn’t have his own yet

  • Mr.360 Boys
    Mr.360 Boys

    Nice video bro 👍👍😷😷

  • Kiefer Stemmermann
    Kiefer Stemmermann

    he lost a bet to all of us. 10000 vbux please!

  • Game With JJ
    Game With JJ

    When you said mechs my jaw dropped

  • Nykko Galinato
    Nykko Galinato

    my ears: mechs me: QUITS EMIDITELY

  • Malthe1111

    I was looking at bf 2042 why are you here

  • lukoprim

    dont worry everyone meowcelsis still allive.hes in the scene were batman zero point comes to fortnite in the comic

  • David Mckenzie
    David Mckenzie

    Keler croc 🐊

  • The Joker
    The Joker

    Of course you make it look like renegade raider is returning to get views

  • Maj Udovc
    Maj Udovc

    On the fortnite map go on the island in the bottom right corner where bunker Jonesy once was. Go in the house at the bottom (south) of the island. Break the floor in the secret base and above the bed in base there is a Dusty Divot picture.

  • cf _glitch
    cf _glitch

    On Halloween its my birthday

  • Yeetos CODM
    Yeetos CODM

    The "wierd weapon" is the high explosive logo

  • TxMs BoY
    TxMs BoY

    It would be cool if they added vados as a skin from dragon ball super

  • John Payne
    John Payne

    aw, i was hoping it was shutting down

    • Anto03Legend


  • Fighters Gaming
    Fighters Gaming

    Mechs might be coming back? ... Nope nope nope nope-

  • Michelle Mooney
    Michelle Mooney

    just came to say fortnite is so dead and ali as voice makes me death

  • Kade Milsom
    Kade Milsom

    King shark woooo king shark

  • Leslie Yocum
    Leslie Yocum


  • Gurleen

    I am gonna me soo mad if they add Naruto

  • Robert Grabowski
    Robert Grabowski


  • Chucky Charl
    Chucky Charl

    For justice league it may be cyborg, Wonder Woman or green lantern most likley

  • 42ms FN
    42ms FN

    I'd like to see Green Lantern in the game that would be so cool

  • Jayson Bruce
    Jayson Bruce

    From the first movie the military guy

  • Rhyleigh VanDyke
    Rhyleigh VanDyke

    Coral Castle is like Junk Junction.. nobody went there nobody does now either-

  • Landan Priest
    Landan Priest

    3 years later and renegade Raider 👀

  • Bushra Khan
    Bushra Khan

    I'm totally fine with mechs, probably because they were based in chapter 1

  • Not-Dpreka

    It’s Wednesday coral is still here now u have to give me v bux!!

  • Certifiedmo _
    Certifiedmo _

    Annalise Keating better be in fn

  • Gaz Owar
    Gaz Owar

    Deadshot needs to come

  • christopher martin
    christopher martin

    I would love to see cyborg

  • Christian LaCroix
    Christian LaCroix

    Wonder women

  • Andrew Geer
    Andrew Geer


  • Piece control Ryno
    Piece control Ryno

    My vote is weasel

  • Vali the killer
    Vali the killer

    I don't want naruto because its not meant in fn

  • Peachy Man
    Peachy Man

    Yeah but do you not know how leaks work a lot are made to look real smh

  • Jymi Bernard
    Jymi Bernard

    El Diablo from number 1

  • D4rk_Ow3n

    They should Add Kanye West to fortnight so I can sing Obama hamburger

  • William King
    William King

    Definitely KING SHARK

  • Sal Alfano
    Sal Alfano

    When does Season 7 end?

  • Mando

    Wow he barely gained subs

  • YKflare

    If we get weapon attachments it’s gonna feel like PUBG not gonna lie.

  • Lindsay Reynolds
    Lindsay Reynolds

    King shark

  • Widnm 08
    Widnm 08

    I just want bane in the game

  • Xian Tan
    Xian Tan

    naruto cool


    Literally no one : ... Ali A : nErUto

  • Robert Ryan Mallare
    Robert Ryan Mallare


  • Billy Daly
    Billy Daly

    Gotham what

  • Realtalk _dre
    Realtalk _dre

    Buga Coming

  • NRG cLix
    NRG cLix

    Where my v bux

  • PetGodd34

    I think deadshot would fit well into Fortnite.

  • Ethan Tawana Chilime JR
    Ethan Tawana Chilime JR


  • Crazycatluver

    Did anyone see that there will be an Ariana Grande concert???!!

  • Silverreich Reich
    Silverreich Reich

    If there is an event does it mean new battle pass:(☆

  • Silverreich Reich
    Silverreich Reich

    Ariana does she come with an emote?

  • Lindsay Ferguson
    Lindsay Ferguson


  • Bluemellow Jayden
    Bluemellow Jayden

    I'm narto Uzumaki

  • J-toad adventures
    J-toad adventures


  • AwakendSpace80

    I want a ali-a skin in Fortnite so bad

  • GamingKMP

    7:34 it’s an rpg, if you don’t believe me go to save the world in fortnite and drop the rpg , epic has the rpg as the grenade launcher. Just saying

  • Lauren Vernaglia
    Lauren Vernaglia

    Coral castle is not being destroyed :/

  • RainbowBoyGAMES Cool
    RainbowBoyGAMES Cool


  • Anything Nerdy
    Anything Nerdy

    Wait Ariana Grande is coming? But that video of her and her husband saying negative things about Indigenous people? And like a whole list of other controversies.

  • BENJ Mode #shorts
    BENJ Mode #shorts

    Just wandering is it just me or is there a huge rainbow when your in the battle bus

  • Koolaid 1000
    Koolaid 1000

    I forgot about Ali a for like 2 years

  • Mr Faceless
    Mr Faceless


  • KateBone123

    How about merch for women...

  • Ali G
    Ali G

    Character played by John Cena

  • Zxplayz

    Pls put Naruto,dragon ball,one piece and aot

  • Lightningfn

    my friend works at epic and in fact he was part of making the preferd slots and told me a couple secrets which i can't say

  • Lasse Vetter
    Lasse Vetter

    king shark

  • SA_BadBot

    They shouldn't have done a reboot of suicide squad

  • Lightningbest

    7:33 That's just the recon scanner

  • Alexander Anderson
    Alexander Anderson


  • Alexander Anderson
    Alexander Anderson


  • Z_L_E_X Panda
    Z_L_E_X Panda

    For suicide squad I’d choose dead shot

  • Akib Islam
    Akib Islam

    Ali u know how in the weapon slots u thought it was weapon attachment,yeh its just the grenade launcher

  • Caze Pluto
    Caze Pluto

    I want Wonder Woman

  • Thinking Of A Name
    Thinking Of A Name

    My sister when she hears Mechs are coming back literary quits

  • Astro Mell
    Astro Mell

    Harla Qin lol

  • Gaven S PANNU
    Gaven S PANNU

    The flame thrower thing is meant to symbolise explosive items you can see it in creative

  • MGB Raz-Guy
    MGB Raz-Guy

    Hi Ali

  • dew_thabest

    Yay October muy b-day yay

  • wh0_Iceyyy

    I dont support Lebron. Hes views on things are weird and disgusting

  • K is cracked
    K is cracked

    I am not trying to hate I love Ali but I started whatching Naruto and say it right and don’t disrespect it okd

  • o


  • depressed_kid

    I use ur code

  • Line_ Clan
    Line_ Clan

    I think it’s the recon scanner