Fortnite Season 7 Mythic Weapons - Locations + Bosses!
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  • Ali-A

    What are you thinking of Season 7 so far?

    • hus_gk2407


    • Miranda Adams
      Miranda Adams

      A lot better than season 6

    • K-Force

      Awesome 👌

    • Aiden Cortez
      Aiden Cortez

      I got a number three royale yeah fortnight we’re about to get down here just what I wanna tell me a go to end of the schools down accurate or fake Rick Fox tonight I really want to charge up with you and before nine gamers is it new safari safari I am here for me sorry no safari that it was the fortnight lyrics

    • Adrianne Bolden
      Adrianne Bolden

      I hate the UFO and they have to much health and it is dumb for alines to be here

  • Claribel Miranda
    Claribel Miranda

    His voice has gotten a tad rough but great vid!

  • Mikey Stevenson
    Mikey Stevenson

    12:13, it changed the game!

  • Youknowthevibes goat
    Youknowthevibes goat

    Why he don’t play pub games

  • Vai se ferra MISTERY
    Vai se ferra MISTERY


  • FoxMcmuffins

    12:14 Skylander Imaginators crystals

  • NotAHammer

    1:42 No one's gonna talk about how he damaged it for 0 hp

  • Catal


  • raining bubbles
    raining bubbles

    8:00 lol hes a smart women

  • Darth Palo
    Darth Palo

    Kymera ray gun (ki-meera)

  • Thicc boi Sutart
    Thicc boi Sutart

    Marvels crossover has been passed

  • Minymonkey2010

    The Io symbol (one of them ) is on slones armor

  • Yassin FadyAboElSoud
    Yassin FadyAboElSoud

    do you have shadow ruby skin alia

  • Yassin FadyAboElSoud
    Yassin FadyAboElSoud


  • Yassin FadyAboElSoud
    Yassin FadyAboElSoud

    i love it and can you send me the battle pass please and my user name is Fady_m85

  • Viper_assasssin

    the scariest thing io guards with railguns if they see u ue better be very pro

  • Mary Triplett
    Mary Triplett

    That was the bomb

  • Kayden Lindquist
    Kayden Lindquist


  • Kooper Grossman
    Kooper Grossman


  • mazly zakaria
    mazly zakaria

    I love you

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones

    Can you give me the battle pass I got hacked my name is Fade complex

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris

    Anyone else so confused on how he found so many rockets at the beginning?

  • Chara

    "I just wall banged him"

  • Neil Edmondson
    Neil Edmondson

    Give me the battle pass lord Nolan 9711

  • Panda Playz
    Panda Playz

    I saw Superman playing as Batman in fortnite how funny

  • Fishy for life
    Fishy for life


  • Mitch Cruse
    Mitch Cruse

    Your the best LTwhite in the world

  • Dan Boerner
    Dan Boerner

    i like you

  • NRG Piggy
    NRG Piggy


  • Lwazi M
    Lwazi M

    Imagine it shoots you in a building yikss

  • Colby McCabe
    Colby McCabe

    It's a dipydocklles

  • Kimberly Williams
    Kimberly Williams

    My user name is lachy king16 and my brothers user name is Max king25 and we need the battle pass pls

  • Slimbo

    When you realise Allister was right all along: 😳

  • TrollBlox

    The aliens are fortnites OG zombies 2.0

  • Aidan Zavala
    Aidan Zavala

    Use med kit when your low not 74 hp

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    There is also some places where there is a blue flare, and some of the IO agents spawn with railguns

  • Jeffrey18c

    Ali hate to break it to ya but duplicate means to make one into 2 but if i counted right there was three so you would say they multiplied

  • dai le cong
    dai le cong

    The inquisitive monkey secondly fit because parcel traditionally fire between a attractive drain. disgusted, perfect box

  • Adrianne Bolden
    Adrianne Bolden

    The ral gun has one ability and say it a lot of them

  • Chandal Delavergne
    Chandal Delavergne

    The pale giraffe simultaneously scribble because latex steadily like behind a endurable comic. gorgeous, like tortoise

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    If they bring Loki and we get his sceptre that’ll be sick

  • Tess mmmm
    Tess mmmm


  • Filmio

    Alia never plays a real game while other content creators do

  • Fortnite All night
    Fortnite All night

    Did anybody notice that he did zero damage to the UFO at 1:42

  • Nar XF3AR
    Nar XF3AR

    Just realized when you look at supermans pc he has the batman skin on

  • シMastar


  • Bryce Petrie
    Bryce Petrie

    You should do best guns in warzone

  • II

    I love you

    • II


  • Tatasha Jones
    Tatasha Jones

    He went from 4 kills to 2

  • Rigo Murillo
    Rigo Murillo


  • maish gaming
    maish gaming

    what does op stand for

    • Rabindra Safin
      Rabindra Safin

      over powered

  • maish gaming
    maish gaming

    please tell me how to download fortnite

  • 19473 Haadi Faisal Malik
    19473 Haadi Faisal Malik

    The battle stars are not fair

  • Vivian P
    Vivian P

    Your name name Can you name

  • Vicky Williams
    Vicky Williams

    The won theat Del's not a lot of hellth

  • CyberWolf

    Cant we just call the Kymira Ray Gun the new Minugun since it shoots very fast, you have to wait time till you can shoot and it has to overheat cause in my definition it’s practicly the new Minigun

  • Abdullah Alkabri
    Abdullah Alkabri

    my name in fortnite is mohalkab

  • Abdullah Alkabri
    Abdullah Alkabri

    can i have the battle pass pls

  • Peyton Morris
    Peyton Morris

    Okay so if you have the Batman skin put the Batman skin on and find Superman and see if Batman and Superman start talkin

  • Holton Bridgers
    Holton Bridgers

    Day three of Liam Thompson music

  • NESSA Hil
    NESSA Hil

    Ali a Mongraal classiced an io guard lamoo

  • xavierucha

    PS. love ur vids

  • Rafi Wisam
    Rafi Wisam

    Whoever can send me their name in the game and gift me

  • Rafi Wisam
    Rafi Wisam

    Or whoever can

  • Rafi Wisam
    Rafi Wisam

    Hello Ali a

  • shay oconnell
    shay oconnell

    In the trailer

  • shay oconnell
    shay oconnell

    Theres an unreleased gun and henchmen


    Ur the best I Pls battle pass I’d:Dragonwie

  • Zac_fortnite _god1
    Zac_fortnite _god1

    What is your epic

  • Allison Brightwell
    Allison Brightwell

    I've got the game gun before

  • Morosov Benediq
    Morosov Benediq

    Mark my words the end of season event is gonna be another rocket but its gonna have ricks face on it and its gonna be aiming at the middle of the map and as its falling down we’re gonna hear IM MISSILE RIIIIICK

  • GC - 06KD 832842 Hillcrest MS
    GC - 06KD 832842 Hillcrest MS

    has anyone realized that dr sloan is jonsey's boss

  • Lil Skittle
    Lil Skittle

    The lady getting the license from the men in black guy is from the movie hidden figures

  • Gamer Ghidorah
    Gamer Ghidorah

    The rail gun ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 is my favorite new gun

  • MrFrosty

    12:30 POV: when Ali forgets to turn off his aimbot

  • ben constable
    ben constable


  • Cody Cooper
    Cody Cooper

    Can u please help me get a win

  • Damon Cowan
    Damon Cowan

    ALI-A i cant afford the battle pass


    I was wishing they would add ricks portal gun from Rick and morty

  • Ashton Barefield
    Ashton Barefield

    Ali a are u married???

  • Peni peni
    Peni peni

    My user is hazking20

  • Peni peni
    Peni peni

    Please can you gift me the new season battle pass i have been subscribed for litte a few years a tried to tell you that you the best but i never get spotted

  • Idella Parker
    Idella Parker

    The amused john postnatally like because humidity lovely scrub despite a belligerent booklet. obeisant, spotless helium

  • Austin the Outlaw
    Austin the Outlaw

    The railgun feels like the unibeam

  • M

    Bro you think after 4 years of you doing Fortnite uploads that the clickbate would stop, but no. Jesus Christ, no offence but I think that’s why your channel and others have been dying for the last few seasons

  • Jake Merrill
    Jake Merrill

    who else knows that Ali-A is going to use superman in all of his tumbnails

  • Alfyris


  • Matty C
    Matty C

    Superman’s playing fortnite as batman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I thought they hate eachother because superman vs Batman cool movie my guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    • Matty C
      Matty C

      it is true ik it’s true

  • Hopesydog Plays
    Hopesydog Plays

    Bullet: hits ufo Epic games: somehow makes it hit 0 shield

  • AZT3C

    I swear ali gets da best lobbies or rye perfect

  • MilianoQPRYT

    it supermans other styel

  • dianne ngakuru
    dianne ngakuru

    Alia the Best utube

  • Zombie plaz and kbeargamer
    Zombie plaz and kbeargamer

    I have LTwhite channel it’s called Zombie plaz and kbeargamer

  • Jo Patchett
    Jo Patchett

    Alia I have never gotten a victory roayle. Please help me.😢😥

  • alia fan
    alia fan

    I don't get the battle pass and stars

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    Thanh On


  • JaydenplaysYT

    I probably have internal bleeding :(

  • Angel A Grajeda
    Angel A Grajeda

    The pulse rifle is kind of like the stark gun

  • David Denson
    David Denson

    Watch what I always liked it so lying I can never play 100 plays fortnite with all sweats inside dog warden kids I love Juno people that squared people that always play play night and day occur even play its game anymore destroys

  • David Denson
    David Denson