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  • The Dodostrich
    The Dodostrich

    The seaweed is from the flood in season 3 so that Reddit post is fake cuz it ain’t from c2s1 so shust

  • Liverpool Cade
    Liverpool Cade

    I knew about since chapter 2 season 4

  • mostapha chaarani2007
    mostapha chaarani2007

    Ali a’s hair kinda looks like a girl bc of a bit of peace of hair

  • Bentley Falk
    Bentley Falk

    x4 stormwing

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    Kenneth Carmack

    After what it was going to be if

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    Steve Griffiths

    midas is all ready on the map

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    Harleigh McKinzie

    I want KEVEN back (KEVEN THE CUBE

  • Daniel trobia
    Daniel trobia

    That maP need to happen no matter what

  • Cally Martin
    Cally Martin

    Aw but I’m a sweat!

  • Lich Lava
    Lich Lava

    In Rick and Morty the things jump from an egg may I use it in in fortnite the alien parasites jump from an egg and they're both similar

  • Lich Lava
    Lich Lava

    The alien parasites is just like that one episode of Rick and Morty

  • dcomicqueen

    Can you add me

  • Yongbin Chen
    Yongbin Chen

    Flare guns better cause it does damage and reveled people

  • Chicken_ Fillet
    Chicken_ Fillet

    Guys waych every verified youtuner comment for attention


    nice tommyinnit t-shirt

  • LightningTram

    The map does not have loot lake nooooo thanks

  • Stephen Higham
    Stephen Higham

    No joney was doing the work and when he disappeared she did what he was ment to do

  • syed shahmeer
    syed shahmeer

    😭😭 I can't ply Fortnite my mom broke the TV cuz she was gone and I was studying when she got I was plying and then u all know what happens next

  • Sy Guy Plays
    Sy Guy Plays

    “The entire journey in the battle pass completes the quest” yes yes very true

  • Eteam71208

    It’s the price of lumber nowadays they predicted it

  • Not Capatin\Tankman
    Not Capatin\Tankman

    9:53 week 2 artifact locations

  • Ettienne Jansen Van Rensburg
    Ettienne Jansen Van Rensburg

    I once jumped out of a UFO and landed in a tree

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    lazyatbeinglazy games

    Midas is at the beach

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    People who watch Alia are losers

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  • Maxi uk
    Maxi uk


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  • Glocksie

    Has any one realized that the first wild life was actually sharks

  • Lekh Nath Dhakal
    Lekh Nath Dhakal


  • Kenji Lai
    Kenji Lai

    Forthax0r is working but I have no idea how. It can be found on Google

  • Gameabillity

    Stop clickbaiting -_- imma unsub

  • Thomas Gallagher
    Thomas Gallagher

    I think your the best LTwhite alie a

  • Og plays
    Og plays

    Ali’s hair in a man bun lol

  • Alex chris
    Alex chris

    9:52 a couple artifacts

  • Troy Cunningham
    Troy Cunningham

    I started the Durr burger restaurant

  • Jackie Evans
    Jackie Evans


  • Jackie Evans
    Jackie Evans

    I love your videos

  • Sindre Oliver
    Sindre Oliver

    4:18 he just called the battle bus the battle pass

  • Kadenthegod

    Op map

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    Sabrina Rodriguez

    aren't custom lobby poses a thing...

  • Sabrina Rodriguez
    Sabrina Rodriguez

    anyone realize how Dr. Slone uses shadow clone jutsu

  • TNX Gaming
    TNX Gaming

    Can Ik smh.

  • Sloth Connell
    Sloth Connell

    Imagine if they removed all the locations and only coral castle remained

  • jw21j21josh

    The tanos cup my friend bullied me and baned him now I can't play

  • Magnus Voigt
    Magnus Voigt

    and im your fan why did you say that it makes me sad

  • Jessie Boykins (Student)
    Jessie Boykins (Student)

    i will pay 10000 to mck it happion

  • Kolten Games ∞
    Kolten Games ∞

    U can get alien artifacts from cosmic chests

  • rainbow dc2
    rainbow dc2

    Me sees the valorant characters: is that koya and jett 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    Aarav Ranjan

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  • Thomas SanMiguel
    Thomas SanMiguel

    Dat hair tho

  • JustSwifter

    The artefacts actually DON’T go away after the end of the week

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones

    Crashed battle bus challenge. Me:oh I remember that. Alia: if you watched that you are an og! Me: YAY!!!

  • guming gamer
    guming gamer

    11:50 sad how they missed seasons 4, 5, and 6

  • thxz _
    thxz _


  • Nikstar112

    Are you live streaming the event?

  • dexter Liversidge
    dexter Liversidge

    Who hates how fortnite changed the pump but not any other gun because I do we need og pump back pls

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    Amy Astbury

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    Fify Zulkafli

    First go to baby mother ship in holly

  • Fify Zulkafli
    Fify Zulkafli

    I got inside tge mothership and gave a minigame and alien shotgon

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    Fajar Arismunandar

    Can u gift me the Deathstroke skin

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    Mike Shatford

    Been a while since I’ve seen ali, the hair looking nice 👀

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    Ozas Lama

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    Ashton Animated

    Scoocer Scadium

  • Catdaddy

    There is no live event. Believer Beach is GONE. Literally all that's left are the Bounty Board, Phone Booth, and a couple of vending machines

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    Games Babu

    Hi scammer

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    Toxic gaming

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    Toxic gaming

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    The Ultimate fortnite map is one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

  • Cat

  • Carlos Jijon
    Carlos Jijon

    The legend Zelda is my favorite game when I was kids

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    I don't understand why people laugh at Ali when they do the same thumbnail and the same intro


    Wearing tommyinit shirt lol

  • Andrew Knox
    Andrew Knox

    i heard from someone whos related to someone in epic that kevin is going to be under a poi in fortnite don't know ifs true but it is something i oringinally thought under the spire but i guess not

  • Randy Rivera
    Randy Rivera

    That mini ponytail you got there doesn't suit you at all, chop it off bro.🤢

  • Nikolay Shumkov
    Nikolay Shumkov

    nice video as usual :)

  • Clxmp

    yo thats so cool dude!

  • Legs11

    Ali did you know you can see the yacht from chapter 2 season 2 at the mini beach near fort crumpet. It’s half under the water in the sand

  • Ashir Arsalan
    Ashir Arsalan

    Out of topic but your Minecraft record has been broken

  • ramirezk213

    june the 22 is my birthday party and im 8 years old im using my moms compeeder

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    Micah Phelps

    Yo Ali-a play Thanos cup Tournament mode it has duo’s

  • lunixFN

    I also Hate The Imagined order A.KA IO gaurds

  • lunixFN

    I miss OG Fortnite also, I like the Rick And Morty collab in season 7 ;)

  • DuhitzNick

    I have officially joined the Ali-A army :)

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    Mason Dino


  • The Irelands
    The Irelands

    The portal gun has the time stone in it

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    jp webber

    I said it

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    4:02 battle bus not battle pass Ali

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    Sophie Cunningham

    I got school nooooo

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    yusef ahmed

    He has a ponytail

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    Why tf did I just get the notification when it was a day ago😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫


    His hair 0_0

  • A.N.D - Archie and Dylan
    A.N.D - Archie and Dylan

    Ali A you’re our favourite you tuber!

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    Inspired YT

    12:08 I feel like it’s gonna be crazy!