*NEW* SEASON 8 teaser for Fortnite!?
Fortnite Season 8 Teaser!? News, Secrets + MORE!
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  • Baarav Para
    Baarav Para

    the I already got tge popsicle. nooooooo

  • TXS Darkxfy
    TXS Darkxfy

    i think it means fortnite is for kids??? maybe

  • mathew camoron
    mathew camoron

    i found a cosmic chest is solos

  • Max Monroe
    Max Monroe


  • Ita Sauduadua
    Ita Sauduadua

    Lebron james the king has arrived in fortnite

  • Vivaan Shah
    Vivaan Shah

    I am on summer holidays from school and it is winter ❄️😭❄️😭

  • jaydon

    Ali-A it's the Bron James I saw the Bron James I live in South Africa and new released early

  • Axl Taylor
    Axl Taylor

    Hay in one of the looding screens there is the 2 henchmen

  • Faze Kiran
    Faze Kiran

    You know fortnite is at a low when Alia isn’t to the top of his lungs shouting in his intro

  • BRUHgie

    Not seson 8 it LeBron James dum

  • FTDgames

    I do not like season 7 so I can’t wait for season 8!

  • Harleigh McKinzie
    Harleigh McKinzie

    Lol rip PC users I use concle


    nice vid

  • Hxllo is drvppy
    Hxllo is drvppy


  • Jacob Traynor
    Jacob Traynor

    labron james?

  • BrixCorner

    It’s a LeBron teaser

  • Marco A Ramos Bravo
    Marco A Ramos Bravo

    1:14 my friends do that 4:30 i dont know why

  • Charlie Thomas
    Charlie Thomas

    Fortnite is epic.

  • CK Kreations
    CK Kreations

    Their are not in the movie

  • Venage

    I use your code all the time btw your my favourite LTwhiter and content creator

  • Kkk Kkk
    Kkk Kkk

    I want tntina back!!


    Alia can you frent olivertert in call of duty mobile

  • roniel hunter
    roniel hunter

    Zapatron and the Kymera ray gun has uses the same bullet types

  • chungus gaming 11
    chungus gaming 11

    They should make the thanos gauntlet as a picaxe only for the thanos skin

  • ResetWRLD

    I don’t like the new challenges

  • ConeMane

    STW players: we are here...

  • The Mafia masks
    The Mafia masks

    The Rick skin looks like the pc version on xbox

  • Anothers Treasure
    Anothers Treasure

    I love cosmic chest’s they give you alien artifacts

  • Daniel trobia
    Daniel trobia

    Wait on switch is that Rick but console is the pc too

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith

    Wow i never thought that July was September. "Season 8".....yeah right. 😒

  • Kevin Corrigan
    Kevin Corrigan

    No way the art work i live in chicago i saw that in chicago

  • Shakir Shabbir
    Shakir Shabbir

    When ever I find a cosmic chest in fortnite and I bring my teammates to open it with me but they don’t even know how to open it

  • Jack Monaghan
    Jack Monaghan

    can’t wait for next video

  • iamhamser

    0:32 Is that a Despicable Me reference?

  • Cool dude 2
    Cool dude 2

    at 8:53 he almost abuses

  • Jad Mryan
    Jad Mryan


  • Bas Mater
    Bas Mater

    He fell down the hill

  • Xhype- Legend2
    Xhype- Legend2

    Can I point something out there wearing IO skins in creative I’m confused Edit: Also the person that vandalized the fortnite teaser people plays fortnite lol

  • Richy

    Subscribe to Kill3rKahil fortnite

  • Galaxy Cat
    Galaxy Cat

    Not true you know about the Rick skin

  • davynik0lai

    Ayo what if the wings are lil nas x from the music lol

  • Mohammed and awab ibrahim
    Mohammed and awab ibrahim

    Plz hack tinfrags

  • Omega

    The biggest clickbaiter

  • Flippin' Chip
    Flippin' Chip

    I'll help you open a comic chest if you want! 🥬🐭

  • Fred Donovan
    Fred Donovan

    sorry i just realy want to play with and if you ever do its Vinnyio

  • Life of Ascher
    Life of Ascher

    I'll help you open up a cosmic chest

  • Fred Donovan
    Fred Donovan

    can you add me ill help you open a cosmic chest my name is vinnyio

  • Anakin

    Everyone still looking for season 8

  • disgo

    Whoah were moving a Lil fast there

  • Turtle

    I just started my LTwhite channel and you’re a huge inspiration to me! Love you Ali-a

  • Qwex

    4:20 ooo funni 420 hehe

  • Stxtic

    The season just started and u already making these?

  • King of Dragons
    King of Dragons

    Let’s put a suppressor on a shotgun and a rpg and a mini gun


    Ali ur MI idol

  • Shah Aqiq
    Shah Aqiq

    Hahahah we are not even in the middle of season


    The spray paint might be a clue to the maleficent Disney character

  • Chicken Nuggies
    Chicken Nuggies

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i took a break from fortniteee and didnt do my challenges and now its either too late or i wont feel like doing them at alllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Brandon Capote
    Brandon Capote

    Can someone tell me if alien artifacts on the ground are vaulted for a moment because I just can’t find them even though videos

  • Maher Remlawe
    Maher Remlawe

    BRUH IT IS LEBRON JAMES sypher pk explained it

  • TheGamingGrape

    its lebron james


    Old changeles section

  • Axoneo

    yo july 14th is my b day and that skin will come out! ima pick it up tho tbh

  • Rafay the Spoiler
    Rafay the Spoiler

    The teaser is for labreon James skin and the challenges

  • iPhone XS max
    iPhone XS max

    They should do the tatoo thing with scuba cryatal

  • Braydon Hughes
    Braydon Hughes

    me and my friend will help you are usernames are SLA_thatguyscool and GND_Baller

  • Reem Otb
    Reem Otb

    That skin comes in I would just buy it for fishy team

  • Buddy1billion

    I will help you open a cosmic chest I really want to play with you you’re my favorite LTwhiter Edit : I subbed to all your channels

  • Brady Wilson
    Brady Wilson

    Cosmic chests are like supply drops but worse and they give you the same weapon for the whole squad unless its epic or legendary and rick looks 3d im a xbox player

  • K’Den Balderrama
    K’Den Balderrama

    Already season 8?

  • Cole Sipe
    Cole Sipe

    Season 7 ends 9/12 2021

  • Element

    Yes now those ufos will leave me alone👌

  • Connor Duncan
    Connor Duncan


  • infortnite

    It is not season 8 teaser it is a icon skin teaser idiot

    • JB R
      JB R


  • Darren James
    Darren James

    I love your videos 😃

  • Red Strike Ocelot
    Red Strike Ocelot

    The teaser is on my bday

  • Gaming 4Life
    Gaming 4Life

    I missed the summer challenges🥲🥺

  • Bruedog

    11:38 I agree it og was so much better

  • The Issuesss
    The Issuesss

    I subbed it didn't work?

  • rat kid
    rat kid

    beach brutus is an alien and i know it


    What i think is funny is that epic leaks new battle pass stuff on the like 2 week of the battle pass that just came out

  • Rojae Russell
    Rojae Russell

    nice vids Ali a I look up to you Fortnite name dudeface2021

  • Begonia Done
    Begonia Done

    Stop the cap the gracile are the same

  • GamingWithSamar

    Wonder woman she has those wings

  • Fortnite pro
    Fortnite pro

    I am pro100

  • Nicola


  • Princess Joseph
    Princess Joseph

    Lebron james teaser and that panting is in Chicago

  • Luis Coronado
    Luis Coronado

    Sent new skin


    Season 7 just started what.!

  • Lisa Shepherd
    Lisa Shepherd

    No there no aliens in the new fast and furious movie I watch it yesterday

  • royal guard of england
    royal guard of england

    lebron james icon series skin

  • Dusty

    7/14 is my sis bday

  • drifty 456
    drifty 456

    Epic games need to take out Skill-based matchmaking it's not fun.

  • FitchJayaka

    King James

  • Gert Odendaal
    Gert Odendaal


  • Gert Odendaal
    Gert Odendaal

    Oh and I on summer jewels

  • Roberta Cummins
    Roberta Cummins

    can i help

  • Koizoled

    Fortnite street art becomes a wonder of the world grandparents that played Fortnite in 2050: I have a story to tell my children why games r history

  • N /A
    N /A

    So I just got so annoyed cos I wanted to be surprised

  • N /A
    N /A

    I swear last time I came back from school so excited to play the new season, but it took a while to download, so I went onto LTwhite and what do I see, a full on spoiler of a skin in the battle pass on alis thumbnail.

  • Lukas Rodia
    Lukas Rodia

    I used your code