The *SMARTEST* 200 IQ plays in Fortnite! (Best Moments)
Fortnite 200 IQ vs 10 IQ moments - Check them out!
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  • Darshna Bhakta
    Darshna Bhakta

    I think I have 10 IQ because I wanted to get a kymara thing then so built the. I broke it then me and my teammate died from fall damage…

  • Yosselyn paz
    Yosselyn paz

    u wont belive ur eyes how chica did not take fall damage

  • tubbie45

    That's crazy

  • ltshadik

    no ferari 117

  • Albert Hamilton
    Albert Hamilton

    Thanks Ali

  • aria m
    aria m

    Where is mrsavage

  • Ashton vr
    Ashton vr

    Quit LTwhite

  • Dream Strider
    Dream Strider

    One time in corny I got launched from a ufo and the enemy danced but I landed in hay bail and then kill3d them

  • Noah McGrath
    Noah McGrath

    The thing is that the 200 and 10iq plays are just unlucky and lucky

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas

    I to have hit some 200 in plays in season 6

  • Robyn Lambright
    Robyn Lambright

    I play on switch and I no- scoped someone in the head

  • MNPK14

    Where can I send my 200iq clips?

  • Delphine Gibson
    Delphine Gibson

    2:57- 3:02 allways happens to me

  • CJ Butchart
    CJ Butchart


  • JK_Sniperᵛᶰシ

    I think the alien ship is relly anoy then the mech

  • madxman21

    Oh edit someone down

  • madxman21

    On 1 hp

  • Hetlucportaal

    Its silent its deadly its benjyfishys mom

  • Blazer

    I feel enfended to switch players like me

  • Melissa Shane
    Melissa Shane

    That moment when anime girls are better gamers than you😂🤣😂🤣

  • Mike Miceli
    Mike Miceli

    That Intro is fantastic

  • Biendish

    Snipers are better than bows!!!!😂

  • Erin Backry
    Erin Backry

    My name is fdawg1612

  • Erin Backry
    Erin Backry

    Avila I want to play a game of fortnight With you

  • Zebra Resend
    Zebra Resend

    Stop saying that switch player’s have the worst graphics like shut up you ever heard of phone graphics really hate you

  • Whitley Backs
    Whitley Backs

    can my son friend you

  • Arnolds Beķeris
    Arnolds Beķeris

  • Typical Sniper
    Typical Sniper

    Can you react to mustard plays

  • Dark knight tv
    Dark knight tv


  • ᗪㄖㄖ几986

    I hate the bows to op

  • Jack Wilkinson
    Jack Wilkinson

    old ali a:hit the like button if u enjoy the video new ali a:dont care just hit lie or u will die

  • Ja Seg
    Ja Seg

    It's time for a baby sir. My kid will box your kids.

  • Bentley Austin
    Bentley Austin

    It isn’t her knees😏

  • noah lady
    noah lady

    i liked him better like 4 - 6 years ago

  • Jaden Shane
    Jaden Shane

    U know fort nite is dead right

    • Jaden Shane
      Jaden Shane

      We’re all dead

    • Golden Eagle Gaming
      Golden Eagle Gaming

      You’re dead

  • HulkBoyKaden

    Once I jumped a ufo pickaxed the person and killed him then I jumped in water it wasn’t the trash area where there’s a lot of trash

  • Ideal Flaze
    Ideal Flaze

    2:46 you can't die to fall damage anyway

  • Ideal Flaze
    Ideal Flaze

    0:55 he wasn't trying to troll his teammates, he was trying to break it and jump on it so no one else could use it

  • noobj

    Actually the io cars are tied speed with the whiplash

  • DC is The GOAT of UFC
    DC is The GOAT of UFC

    Fortnite needs to buff controller on pc and console.

  • T0X1C


  • MTG

    13:14 contemplating life

  • kenny smith
    kenny smith

    hi alia

  • King_rankup

    4:19 We gonna ignore the fact he hit him for 69

  • Ben Shanahan
    Ben Shanahan

    We need the old alia

  • Aiden Strosin
    Aiden Strosin

    Anyone notice how the dumb jumped over the spire launcher.

  • Aaron McMann
    Aaron McMann

    I have my own play of myself so you know the UFOs around the map I jumped off one and usually there's are there that pushes you back up but there wasn't and when I was falling I noticed a truck and I got into a before I hit the ground I died but I was so surprised I didn't care that I died I was just glad that I did that and how impressive that was I was on Nintendo switch handheld

  • Crowley Pierce
    Crowley Pierce

    When you said I anime girl is playing fornite tho there called v tubers

  • Jaden Harper
    Jaden Harper

    Are you a car only goes to 80

  • Jaden Harper
    Jaden Harper

    Well doesn’t boost on the whiplash count because it could go up to 90

  • NKGroot

    almost all of the clips are just lucky and unlucky

  • Jessmary Mo
    Jessmary Mo

    The rocket league car is the faster im pretty sure

  • Candy TM
    Candy TM

    Those people are ---------999999 IQ idiot basicly

  • Miron Hall
    Miron Hall

    fam i play on stretched resolution

  • SuperWolf221


  • DoyDude09

    Have you ever been to AustrAli-A? (Please Reply😀)

  • Craftypickle plays
    Craftypickle plays

    I like how he said that someone else’s clip deserved a like on his vid for I kinda think Ali really could ask for likes less maybe it would be more enjoyable no hate just saying

  • Carrie Andrews
    Carrie Andrews

    I'm using your code in the Fortnite itemshop

  • Chyna Cyrus
    Chyna Cyrus

    Some of these are actually done in Fortnite

  • Blaze 99
    Blaze 99

    You need to understand not everyone can afford 50,000 pound setups so people have to use performance mode

  • Finley

    7:15 it’s not minecraft

  • Finley

    I do it all the time it’s just fine Alia rhimes 2021

    • Finley

      Just I mean absolutely

  • Karla Lopez de Caceres
    Karla Lopez de Caceres

    Alia can you play solar mash

  • Joakim Harr
    Joakim Harr

    var för har all på sig pyjamas när dom spelar

  • Kit meow
    Kit meow

    Actually io cars are as fast Lamborghinis

  • Pickle

    It was Iconic

  • Pickle

    Alia bring intro back for 1 vid pls

  • Nada Creui
    Nada Creui

    Can you please try destiny 2 again and if you like it plz start making videos about it ali

  • Vickie Leitner
    Vickie Leitner


  • Nicolas Marco Ramos Cardenas Silva (Student)
    Nicolas Marco Ramos Cardenas Silva (Student)

    Ali someone cussed in Spanish please make sure to check what they say

  • Atomic_Ninja

    AliA POV: Are his graphics so bad because he's playing on a Nokia or Switch? Me who plays on Switch: Combination of disappointment and sadness.

  • Peen Papi
    Peen Papi

    jesus christ no one cares bro

  • Pooja Shah
    Pooja Shah

    Ali the io car is 2nd fastest cause the lambo has the booster

  • Doris Kika
    Doris Kika

    I used code alia

  • mr.banana

    Alia I played and I met random friend in solo then he died for I can win in Fortnite

  • Dannyonswitch

    My dream is 10k and I know y’all can help me

  • Dannyonswitch

    I hope every one is having a amazing day

  • Iqsaan Mark
    Iqsaan Mark

    Ali….. some things are going on in Africa our ex president is in jail and people are rioting and looting stores but………… life has gotten boring I don’t now what to do but you videos keep me going pls keep my smile going 😌

  • pokerwiz113

    having no mats is not 10iq its just being a sweat bot lives matter RIP

  • Edward Noonan
    Edward Noonan

    am i the only one that saw Rick doing a un releast animation with the parasite trailer in the background

  • Cayden Gain
    Cayden Gain

    if you pike up a big thing in the rong way it culd damig your ufo its not a glich its hapan to me

  • MARCUS bro
    MARCUS bro


  • MARCUS bro
    MARCUS bro

    Ur a spamer

  • Jk 47
    Jk 47

    Not gonna lie mama Benji fish looks like my teacher

  • Turtle

    I just started my LTwhite channel and you’re a huge inspiration to me! Love you Ali-a

  • Harri Prosser
    Harri Prosser

    i am 7 and i want a youtube ):

  • Tueydo2479

    13:14 Epic: we get the hints

  • Josh Phillips
    Josh Phillips

    Do Pokémon go please

  • Robin Van Grysperre
    Robin Van Grysperre

    Since when are ufo 's in arena.

  • Rachael North
    Rachael North


  • Joanne Galloway
    Joanne Galloway

    whats the song at 0:00

  • Lisa Favorito
    Lisa Favorito

    Ali-A something in weird in the lobby has been happening. The number of parasites have been increasing

  • XD Duck playz
    XD Duck playz

    Ali’s sad 20:19

  • Aditya Nathan
    Aditya Nathan

    hey ali-a can you friend me in discord i cant message you

  • Kabeer Sheikh
    Kabeer Sheikh

    love these moments

  • Alfyris

    Nice play

  • Griffin Green
    Griffin Green


  • Dian Mareta Handayanti
    Dian Mareta Handayanti

    The IO car is 50% of every single car in fortnite

  • GKP Plus
    GKP Plus

    Does anyone else see the arena points!!! 6:30 and 8:08

  • ItzAxcticzYt

    its called performance mode (alpha)

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