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  • Ali-A

    I had loads of fun playing with the winners! 🥳 New merch dropping July 1st at Ali-A.shop ! Enjoy the vid! 💙

    • Maria Aristidou
      Maria Aristidou

      Can you add me I'm a really big fan my name is aristoza-Jr1

    • Maria Aristidou
      Maria Aristidou

      Can you add me my name is aristoza-Jr1 I'm a really big fan

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    can you help me make a world in fortnite my name Southernshooter1

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    House full with fishys

    The fishies can’t get rebooted😭

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    You need to play with typical gamer

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    Aiden Stromberg

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    Jonny united

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    Alia is a bot

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    You are the best squad leader that live's


    Hi I am a small Fortnite youtuber who is trying to grow, I do Fortnite challenge guides, new updates, and item shop reviews! It would mean the word to you if you would consider checking me out!

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