*NEW* FLYING COW at MAX HEIGHT - What Happens? (Fortnite Update)
Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull New Update - Max Height Fun!
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  • Lil Leo James
    Lil Leo James

    How do I get out of a cow

  • RyryThully thullborn
    RyryThully thullborn

    U didn't take fall damage because ure in battle lab

  • Killer dude
    Killer dude

    The cow is really common I have had it a million times!

  • Legendary videos!
    Legendary videos!

    What song do you use

  • LG all day
    LG all day


  • Jose The II
    Jose The II

    Imagine that it goes to coral castle and then destroys another part of the map

  • Daniel Manjani
    Daniel Manjani

    You are so bad Ali a

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung

    bro ali-a you are in battle lab, youy put no fall damage in battle lab

  • Nassim Bougal
    Nassim Bougal

    I think its battle lab fall damage off that easy

  • Craig Bialous
    Craig Bialous

    Wut is ur favorite icon skins? Put it in the comments Personally, I like LazarBeam, Lachlan and Ninja.

  • Nyree McCool
    Nyree McCool

    You can also get it from rick

  • Majin Blalock
    Majin Blalock


  • Majin Blalock
    Majin Blalock

    how many

  • Majin Blalock
    Majin Blalock

    reily has 117 skins... love aphmau

  • Finley NoScope
    Finley NoScope

    Do you have no fall damage on

  • IronMan Plays
    IronMan Plays

    3:58 first of all we didnt get the aquaman boss seconds of all CORAL CASTLE IS TRAAASH

  • William Morales
    William Morales

    I’m on a switch, what button to exit cowball mode 😆

  • Shada Johnson-Mclean
    Shada Johnson-Mclean

    i saw Lebron James in the traler

  • Dylan Lyons
    Dylan Lyons

    Just buy it from rick in the satalite

  • Puppy

    How is the inflate-a-bull not legendary

  • Cian Collins
    Cian Collins

    You have a higher chance to get inflatabulls in i.o chests

  • Henry McKinney
    Henry McKinney

    I have got your skin ali

  • Joel

    When do u think lebron is gonna leave

  • Tr3pzlucas

    Fall damage is off on battle lab thats why it dosent work ali

  • Samantha Pritchard
    Samantha Pritchard

    Please I'm bringing you can have a LeBron James stuff I already have the skin in the pack all near the wings in the pickaxe and the glider I'm begging you Ali_Aon your biggest fan ever done

  • Ruyah_Playz2012

    Your on Playstation like me I'm on ps4 too

  • bernice mijnals
    bernice mijnals

    hi Lord its me jessica from the 123 chat

  • Sanillie

    he was wrong about fall damage, he just had it off in the battle lab.

    • The King of Legend of Zelda
      The King of Legend of Zelda

      That’s what I was going to say

  • Avery Berger
    Avery Berger

    I have LeBron james


    I am adding everyone we commence their username on my post so just tell me your username and I'll add you up on fortnite

  • The Bombers
    The Bombers

    You had fall damage turned off in battle lab

  • Shryash Shah
    Shryash Shah

    I might be because it is battle lab

  • Flame squad🔥l
    Flame squad🔥l

    Flame uhm

  • bonz Delorme
    bonz Delorme

  • bonz Delorme
    bonz Delorme

  • Krista Surprenant
    Krista Surprenant

    Can you gift me Lebron James my username is metaldragon23

  • Lorens Thamer
    Lorens Thamer

    Iuseyourcode Please subtoalia

  • nathan dino
    nathan dino

    Mya/ the superhero skins when Ali a said it’s one of the most customizable skins: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😬😬😬🤣🤣🤣 you thought kid

  • nathan dino
    nathan dino

    Travis scoot be like : 😭😭😭😭😭😭 no one cares about me

  • Joy Deemer
    Joy Deemer

    One time I use the inflate a bull off a cliff and it disables out and I die to fall damage ITS SO FUN

  • Charlie Bucket
    Charlie Bucket

    Was that a mustang taillights glider?!?!?!

  • Camila Adcox
    Camila Adcox

    can u add me Nicko_FN i have no friends

  • Marti Marti
    Marti Marti


  • Cartendo

    “Now your not the only animal on the map!” Frogs,Chickens,Hogs and wolf's: Are we not existing?

  • Weeb

    U Can buy it from Rick

    • Weeb

      The new item

  • Jaabir Mulla
    Jaabir Mulla

    War zone better than fortnite Cod better than epic games

  • Devine rsa
    Devine rsa

    Who got the lebron james skin

  • Akib Islam
    Akib Islam

    Ali Ur battle lab has no fall damage on 🤣🤣🤣

  • Oliver Games Who's the Stickman gamer
    Oliver Games Who's the Stickman gamer

    Ali A what buttons are the creator code in PS5?

  • Darryn Spencer
    Darryn Spencer

    just tap x 2

  • Laura Fonseca
    Laura Fonseca

    Fortnite el-mes-mes

  • Ducky gamez
    Ducky gamez

    LeBrOn JaImEs

  • Ashton Waith
    Ashton Waith

    i use youre code your my faverite youtuber


    Go to rick

  • Mohammed Yousef
    Mohammed Yousef

    The only reason u did not take fall damage is because fall damage is off

  • Toby Lawler
    Toby Lawler

    I know the on of the coach of the lakers

    • Toby Lawler
      Toby Lawler


  • Ana Mayen
    Ana Mayen

    9:08 Does anyone notice the red car disappear.

  • Randa Lewis
    Randa Lewis

    Cow inator

  • ll Kaizo ll
    ll Kaizo ll

    It is the coolest celebrity skin in the game 🤴🏾🦁

  • Noemi Zumaya
    Noemi Zumaya

    Thanks venoms for reves i voy next😂😂

  • Aiden Boshoff
    Aiden Boshoff

    get it in flate a bule won

  • Aiden Boshoff
    Aiden Boshoff

    are you in battle lab

  • monke milo
    monke milo

    why didnt u test the bull on the launch pad and see the height?

  • Ruth Rea
    Ruth Rea

    Do you still like pokemon

  • Nblount

    I am pretty sure you just had fall damage taken off in your battle lab

  • Cybear

    You had fall damage off!

  • Luke Anderson
    Luke Anderson

    7:59 the reason Ali A did not take any fall damage is because in battle lab there is a setting to not take any fall damage and he had that setting on

  • ccfred


  • Knightkay

    you shoulda never left call of duty

  • Gary Devlin
    Gary Devlin

    I hate your videos

    • skyshark


  • CJax Playz
    CJax Playz

    at 4:06 he says i found a life hack there is a better chance in henchmen chests. Me: Ali you can only find them in henchman chests and everyone knows that\

  • Salman Eman Muhammad
    Salman Eman Muhammad

    Ali a love from finland love your videos keep on working I don't get bored of your videos if you have LeBron James then can you please gift it to me for free no jokes you can do that if you are done with your James quest my account name is SalmanAffan

  • Ezra Pillay
    Ezra Pillay

    What's up alia

  • gfigueiredo81

    Me when meme intro plays : dun dardedumbdahdahdum

  • gfigueiredo81

    Petition for Ali-A to bring back his old meme intro

  • gfigueiredo81

    2:00 who else realised that Ali was rockin the dub ar just like the OG DAYS

  • Nate Tanner
    Nate Tanner

    ali there is a new alien building in holly hatchery

  • Alaa Saadi
    Alaa Saadi

    You can get a flout a bull from rick

  • It’s Zack 10
    It’s Zack 10

    Ali: cowanater Me : 👀

  • yesenia arredondo
    yesenia arredondo

    Go to rick he sell’s it for 25 gold bars

  • Wonwon Chhim
    Wonwon Chhim

    Ali-a can you react to the super showdown bowl world's greatest superhero and super villain animations

  • Richard Mendez
    Richard Mendez

    F the best friend and I v how are the boys doing well and girls and girls club and how long is an average day for you to get the and girls club and how to be there

  • WorrierRogue FN
    WorrierRogue FN

    Alia: your not the only animal llama! Chickens boars and wolves: I was forgotten

    • WorrierRogue FN
      WorrierRogue FN


  • WorrierRogue FN
    WorrierRogue FN

    The cows can be bought from rick

  • Riley West-Beard Year 5
    Riley West-Beard Year 5

    i found a ufo as floor loot and it didnt work😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Sean Hersh
    Sean Hersh

    Lol you take fall damage but you had fall damage off so n battle lab

  • Tsili6ixjr

    Fall damage is not on

  • Creo effex
    Creo effex

    lol he had fall damage off

  • RustyZA

    Ali you do take fall damage form jumping out of it, you just had fall damage off in your battle lab world

  • Sami vfx
    Sami vfx

    say mumzies?

  • Hafeel Adhham
    Hafeel Adhham

    You can just go to Rick and buy the inflatable cows from him

  • kxckinshii_ nokap
    kxckinshii_ nokap


  • Reem Haddad
    Reem Haddad

    To get cows

  • Reem Haddad
    Reem Haddad

    It is so ez

  • Lightning Man gaming
    Lightning Man gaming

    You can also buy the inflatable from Rick

  • Amelia G
    Amelia G

    alias content is amazing

  • Gabriel Zieliński Vlogs
    Gabriel Zieliński Vlogs

    I. Like Michael Jordan more than LeBron James

  • Megan Reed
    Megan Reed

    If you go off of the mini spire and launch off with asteroid gravity just you wait

  • amy notzon
    amy notzon

    I am subscribed