*NEW* NANITE UPDATE in Fortnite! (Mythic Ray Gun, Alien POI + MORE)
Fortnite Update - New Nanite Grenades, Holly Hatchery and MORE!
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  • Ali-A

    Yay - NEW update is here!

    • Rubyboy1010

      I was in the vid at 3:56

    • Smol but chonky kitty じ・マヤツ
      Smol but chonky kitty じ・マヤツ

      Ali are you watching the finales

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    • Ezekiel Rodriquez
      Ezekiel Rodriquez

      Hey Ali a just wanted to say your the best LTwhiter in tha world

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      Kreshnik Ushina

      A torunment is haping in cod mobiell for 2millon$$$$ on sunday!!!!!!!

  • KDOGFIRE1997

    What’s the name of the song Ali A is using at 12:24

  • Th3Gherk1n

    I like how the ray gun on the thumbnail is the ray gun for call of duty Zombies

  • Ghostdelta5

    Why is he using the old ray gun in a fortnite thumbnail /:

  • smk spectrz
    smk spectrz

    i found 3 in one io chest

  • smk spectrz
    smk spectrz

    the cube granade is not rare

  • Noemi Zumaya
    Noemi Zumaya

    Jaja boys next it's hours 😂😂😂

  • Rubyboy1010

    4:00 Lordbiggz88 that was me

  • Mariam E.
    Mariam E.

    Ali try holly hedges i got a few there

  • Whipzyy

    Remember when ali was the biggest meme on the internet


    He really really works hard


    Did you see his throat while he was speaking

  • black&white

    Love how Ali gives masks when covid is basically over

  • Elham

    im ali

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    Caiden Wright

    I love your candles

  • Caiden Wright
    Caiden Wright

    My name is caiden

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    Caiden Wright

    My fortnite name is coolca1den

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    :o aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Willow Willow
    Willow Willow

    Hi Ali-a I am watching your show called super charged how was it when you got asked to do the show

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    white clue gaming

    Fortnite is a little piece of s*** Minecraft is much better then fortnite

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    Alicia Alvarez Saldana

    Don't like it or my mum finds out 🤫

  • Alicia Alvarez Saldana
    Alicia Alvarez Saldana

    And my friend is moddithegoat

  • Alicia Alvarez Saldana
    Alicia Alvarez Saldana

    I supported you in Fortnite my account Fluffykittin4957

  • Ashley tell us what cartoon games Steele
    Ashley tell us what cartoon games Steele

    But cube is real like the gun fake Photoshop cube real

  • Halfiron

    They are everywhere!

  • BF & GF
    BF & GF


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  • Landenplayz

    Post aGTA 5 video And get the opreser and terabyte

  • humera naveed
    humera naveed

    Ali they removed the big ufos maybe because some player saw the mothership's doors opening in fortnite

  • christina rose
    christina rose

    Nice place in Fort its

  • Wilson Li
    Wilson Li

    Ali-a is soo garbage at the game

  • Joanne peterson
    Joanne peterson


  • You Tube Schmits
    You Tube Schmits

    One time the ray gun did 123 damage...

  • A Deep Blue Sea
    A Deep Blue Sea

    Ali-a: rectagonal thing. 1:13

  • Jennifer Marquez
    Jennifer Marquez

    There are at risky Wheels

  • Grant Easton
    Grant Easton

    fill in your map plz

  • Supermario K12
    Supermario K12

    If you craft the pistol with the nanite you get an unreleased weapon

  • other Option
    other Option

    Do you play Xbox or ps4 I play in ps4

  • Blazebuster2000 Productions
    Blazebuster2000 Productions

    What happened to ur voice?

  • Yo boy Tyler
    Yo boy Tyler

    I just love ail a vids

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    Jeff Davis

    I got 7 in one match

  • Lucas Marden
    Lucas Marden

    Can you add me I would love to play with you!

  • Johnny Brianna
    Johnny Brianna

    Ali did you do your challenges

  • ShawdowKraft !
    ShawdowKraft !

    Hopefully next season we get a Star Wars battle pass with BBA back bling and dark Vader as tier 100 skin

  • Alexandra Greatbatch
    Alexandra Greatbatch

    Can you message the next leak

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    Izamar Mota

    No way man yasss

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    Vivaan Shah

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 My switch still can not turn on

  • Jova Kavux
    Jova Kavux

    Hey alia i found the ghost and shadow henchmen near corny complex

  • Shepherd Perkins
    Shepherd Perkins

    “I am kind of sus right rn” - Alia 2021

  • Caron Strong
    Caron Strong

    bring it back

    • Caron Strong
      Caron Strong

      ali-a old intro

  • RonWasTaken

    I’m a higher level than Ali-a

  • SpongeBob

    *Legends say that the Ali-A meme intro is still lost is the world of MEMES*

  • Alana Knotts
    Alana Knotts

    u said "Zyg" wrong.

  • FTDgames

    Ali a you should start playing horizon zero dawn it’s a fun game you might like it aswell

  • Anonymous Dingo
    Anonymous Dingo

    I found a alien nanite nade near boney.

  • SkateboardNinja29

    Alia: the nanites were rare Me: found 10 nanites in the first 5 minutes of the game

    • Maisie and Sam
      Maisie and Sam

      Lol you said were

  • Joey Lynch
    Joey Lynch

    I was playing fortnight and my skin was purple and then I realized I was in one shot😂😂😂

  • C Tanner
    C Tanner

    0:44 How do you know that pervert

  • George Kininmonth-Dobbins
    George Kininmonth-Dobbins


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    Bryan Grant

    Will u ever play a call of duty again

  • the_redneck_norsemen

    When are you going back to call of duty

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    yeet E

    Jesus died and rose 3 days later for our sins

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    Gnan Boppisetty

    ali a i am soryy for betraying u u just make copied content and supert cringy stuff sorry i am unsubbing

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    Marieta Lilova

    I subbed

  • Content

    The ghost and shadow henchman’s are in Fortnite or at the movie theater

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    Cathy Lewis


  • Shadow Medved
    Shadow Medved

    It’s soo hard to get 😞

  • Mono Games
    Mono Games

    When You realize he’s only leveled up 29 times:

  • GTD_Jimmy

    Nice vid Ali a I sub to u

  • Sarah Kierkegaard
    Sarah Kierkegaard

    you goda be happy


    Your the reason I’m gonna start making better videos ! With watching your content, I got a new, original idea for videos!!! In a week or so my video will be out!!!😊👀


    alia plss can u bring ur intro back for 1 day

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    Fil Carvalho

    He’s dog water

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    Iced Mas

    it ali a here back wth other viddeo

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    Raif Playz

    Hey Alia I love your videos

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    caged koala

    Alia can you help get my third duo win in fornite my epic name is caged koala

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    Me trying to find the alien nanite 👁👄👁😢

  • Udai Dogra
    Udai Dogra

    they should add back the drum gun

  • CrazRob

    Bro i miss you i have not watch in a long time

  • LunaStarz DaPea
    LunaStarz DaPea

    Ok if the grenades are rare, then explain why they have been rated common?

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    Carlitos Fun


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    Husnain Raja

    The cube

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    Wyatt Killian

    Notice how every season he buys all his teirs

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    • Mono Games
      Mono Games

      Like a loser.

  • Dark Alex
    Dark Alex

    Yo Ali A I have the rainbow rare Charizard

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    Sydney Hayes

    The Ghost and Shadow people are in Risky reels

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    Evan Rehmann

    AliA is the best.

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    Ethan Ritchie

    AL the boss is in public games

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    Dina Sadek

    I subscribed and liked

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    Dina Sadek

    Elliote can you send me a funniest one so I could add you I use your circular And fortnite could you give me the Madison my name is Fortnite farooq2014

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    Dominnic Buss

    Ali-A it is in public games I even got it it doesn't spawn every game it's a chance

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    cindy beket

    Alia is a legend

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    Shark Kid

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    Hussain Kureshi

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    Nate Hensley

    Ali A 1v1me Atmusedlime 35824

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    louise hallam

    I know why the ghost and shadow henchman have there own hut. They were travelling the island and the two henchmen fell in love with each other now they are boyfriend and boyfriend. They escaped the ufo and ended up at lazy lake, they went to the no sweat insurance building and bought a house.

  • William King
    William King

    That sounded quite toxic when you were fighting

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    Shirley Lim

    I bet you the aliens are not after the zero point but The Foundation

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    Super Epicpro

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