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  • Ali-A

    This map and gig is awesome - Enjoy the video!

    • V1si0nFN Yt
      V1si0nFN Yt

      You should make a song Alia lol

    • Arnolds Beķeris
      Arnolds Beķeris

    • jcobra 83
      jcobra 83

      hey ali can you react to nintendo switch players? # revenge of the switch

    • Sullym009

      Ik he should

    • Conan Loughran
      Conan Loughran

      I IMAGINE ricks portal Gun, the portal is a rift

  • donnie dover
    donnie dover

    it bothers me how close the singer held the mic to his mouth

  • Readablebaton46

    I like lucky landings

  • Kieran Quill
    Kieran Quill

    Are use your code

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    Kyle Tafoya

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    Saloume Stewart

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    Kevin the cuboid

    Can someone please gift me the hulk smashers. It's my fav pickaxe and I realy want it.❤️

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    Michael O'Quigley

    0MJ Alyea I really wanted to watch you

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark

    Shut up Allay

  • Ferally

    Plz bring back Pokémon ark

  • ItzXtreme

    instead of easy life it’s Alia life

  • jana 123
    jana 123

    bro how

  • السلطان سليمان القانوني News
    السلطان سليمان القانوني News

    I love you Alia

  • Ben Soria
    Ben Soria

    I already saw the song already

  • Fit Franco
    Fit Franco

    sit thru a bad concert for a free reward...ill pass

  • Fit Franco
    Fit Franco

    prob the worst concert to date

  • Game And Fame
    Game And Fame

    Look at the trailer ween Rick lifted up the car wish some kind of levitation gun

  • Jemila Ismaiel
    Jemila Ismaiel

    Everyone subscribe to Ali a and use code. Ali a

  • Jemila Ismaiel
    Jemila Ismaiel

    Everyone subscribe to Ali ሙ a

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    Paola Rodríguez Rodríguez

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    Ayden Werth

    Ali A I love ur vids and now I can comment to you! -FlameDragon 7783

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    Alwyn Carstens

    You are a ai not loser

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    striaght irl

    when your channel is dying lol contact me for ideas lol pesker 0077 on discord no one plays roblox no more

  • MR North
    MR North

    Hey Ali-A I don't watch you anymore but I used to and I just want to say if you don't enjoy fortnite don't play it I don't know if you enjoy it or not you just been playing it for so long I'm just trying to say if you don't like playing fortnite play a different game it's better to do something you like

  • David Coker
    David Coker

    I liked the disc

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    Zak Kaczka

    It’s my b day

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  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha

    I wish they added the guided missile rocket launcher back in the fortnite but if they don't do that I at least want it to put it in creative

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    Easy life aren’t a breakout band 😂

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    Alice Phoenix🌱Poetry&Rants&Journal

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    Master Brawl stars

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  • Chazza

    1:32, mirror mirror mirror mirror on the wall blah blah blah hello my name is zuzie that’s zuzie with a z

  • Meme king Boy
    Meme king Boy

    Did anyone else here the b word instead of pitch

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    Kristina Osonjački

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    Steven Pulley

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    Tiny Giant

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    Solomon Niu

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    I made that map

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  • SlimmZ

    The UFO’s you can land on are maybe power by Kevin the cubes

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    corbin harris

    There's three

  • Eevee

    Cool event just not a fan of the music

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    archie bh

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  • archie bh
    archie bh

    let goooooooooooooooooooo

  • Conan Loughran
    Conan Loughran

    I IMAGINE ricks portal Gun, the portal is a rift

  • Conan Loughran
    Conan Loughran

    IMAGINE ricks portal Gun, the portal is a rift

  • Tyce Lindsay
    Tyce Lindsay

    I'm. In. Chapter. 2. Season. 3

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    Fred the penguin

    5:45 Tiko! Where are you?

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    Vladimir Stan

    For me in the gig it did not show the o2 and stuff likethat

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    Ali is the best! Can you friend me in fortnite? My username is CG_CoppYT

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    tim richburg

    Ali A your in DragonCity

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    I used your code!

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    Frankie V

    its sick!!!!!!!!!!

  • BFB Sive
    BFB Sive

    2500 3882 9781

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    Kirsty Cunningham


  • Excalibur

    How did he get the map shown in the start?

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    Taciele Lopes

    I haven't played fortnite in 2 months but its almost 3 months when June ends

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    Cartiel Figueroa miller

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    V-Izuku-Midoriya -V

    Ahh i Will Not Be Able Attend Becauses of Exams Rip us who Are Writing

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    Jeffrey Wilkinson

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  • Jeffrey Wilkinson
    Jeffrey Wilkinson

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    Conan Loughran

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    jason tinsley

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    Austin Mitchell



    The new summer update is amazing its insane yo

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    Olivia Kulppi

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    Mariam wagdy

    Anyone knows what's the name of the team that's singing or even the name of the song/songs??

    • Catpawshoe

      Easy Life is their name.

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    jolanta chodakowska

    Pls check it out

  • jolanta chodakowska
    jolanta chodakowska

    Hi Ali have you tried to talk to dream flower she did something wierd when I did

    • Catpawshoe

      Everyone knows that they give chug splashes

  • cediwen


    • Catpawshoe


  • Natasha Dodman
    Natasha Dodman

    I love the Travis Scott event

  • kt11

    Hey Ali a, tilted tower might come bcuz in the loading screen Rick is in one of the tower, it might come back

  • Kyclone

    who else cringed when ali wasn't boosting on the hoverboard

  • The Bombers
    The Bombers

    Hi Ali I am a really big fan. I live England. And I have been to the 02. Thanks for all the leaks you have given us.

  • Oliver Young
    Oliver Young

    What if the robot that was on the gig the save the world new pack I have your merch to your the best I use your creator code

  • Grace Collins
    Grace Collins

    That first band is trash

    • Catpawshoe

      They're the same band.

  • ItZback2LobbyUgo

    New fortnite clips on my channel

    • Catpawshoe

      No one asked.

  • RainbowBoyGAMES Cool
    RainbowBoyGAMES Cool

    ALI ALI ALI on the ps5 when you go to fortnite go down and you will see LOKIS horns and the crew backroad


    im so jealous of people who has the battle pass, i have 200 kymera artifact yet i dont have the kymera skin.

    • Catpawshoe

      Buy it!

  • Ferally

    Il trade it to you!

  • Ferally

    Aliaaaaaa I’ve got your favourite Pokémon go Pokémon aredactall.He’s my strongest Pokémon.It’s Cp is 2045