Fortnite Thanos Skin official first look - How To Unlock!
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  • Ali-A

    Man Thanos is ACTUALLY becoming a skin - So cool!

    • Kai Brown
      Kai Brown

      How long will he be out for?

    • Sonu Mahtani
      Sonu Mahtani

      Fourth reply (:

    • Sonu Mahtani
      Sonu Mahtani

      Fourth reply:)

    • Zander Waters
      Zander Waters

      @Brennan Jones same my sister does not have 2fa and none of my friends play anymore

    • sherilee dreyer
      sherilee dreyer


  • echo

    They make thanos and not galactus?

  • Fikrat Shawqi
    Fikrat Shawqi

    AliA I used your AliA code

  • TGKx Smoke
    TGKx Smoke

    Look at my LTwhite trying to reach 500 by 2022

  • LachrymosePlays

    THANOS IS BACK IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    how much will it be?

  • Lucky

    😰thanks thought he didn’t come

    • Tomb !
      Tomb !


  • Gold Demon
    Gold Demon

    You lied

  • Cytro156

    Does anyone think that the thanos skin got delayed of beinf relead but leakers diddnt know

  • Kova-9786

    It was Thor's storm breaker

  • Cracked

    How much will it costs?

  • Nicholas Jacobs
    Nicholas Jacobs

    完璧”EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED.” " " -?@?- " *SkN21.AdGiFt.StOrE** " -?@?- " " 完璧 ”Am I right?” ”DID IT HELP YOU TOO? " 01:06 " 完璧

  • Kenneth Knight
    Kenneth Knight

    完璧”EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED.” " " -?@?- " *SkN21.AdGiFt.StOrE** " -?@?- " " 完璧 ”Am I right?” ”DID IT HELP YOU TOO? " 01:06 " 完璧

  • Gamer 017o18eo
    Gamer 017o18eo


  • Christine White
    Christine White

    can some one gift me the skin

  • Sonu Mahtani
    Sonu Mahtani

    I know

  • Aveon Lundy
    Aveon Lundy

    Yo Ali I got your skin

  • wolf YT4670
    wolf YT4670

    Your wearing the Thanos skin in the Marvel Ltm and you're on the superhero team lol😂

  • Bonnie Fan Gaming
    Bonnie Fan Gaming

    Ali A: The first mythic was the gauntlet Zapatron: Am I a joke to you?

  • All stars
    All stars

    Watch thanks be smal😂😂

  • the boi animates
    the boi animates

    I am a meme

  • the boi animates
    the boi animates

    Me am cute

  • Shilk46

    Whoa it makes sense thanos was there in chapter 1 season 4 he was there in chapter 1 season 7 and chapter 2 season 4 had marvel content so chapter 2 season 7 should get more marvel content right?

  • Zay-mu

    Remember Jesus loves you and died on the cross for your sins 😄

  • Norgel Sherpa
    Norgel Sherpa

    the skin is gonna be more THICC than brutus and chun-li

  • Norgel Sherpa
    Norgel Sherpa

    thors axe? not hammer

  • Kayla Sanchez
    Kayla Sanchez

    No use code tiki

  • Dominic Hurding
    Dominic Hurding


  • Xomilly alloy
    Xomilly alloy

    I won the skin too I was so excited when I got it and I started the tournament with 50min remaining and got 230 points

  • zero

    i love you vidos you are my rollmarl for me you are the best youtuder \ I also uesd you code in the fortnite iedm shop:) use code ali-a

  • A friendly neighborhood noob
    A friendly neighborhood noob

    I dont think i got the skin in fortnite, but thats ok cause i tried my best and atleast i got the spray

  • STRG IcY
    STRG IcY

    In the LTM whoever picked up the first stone became thanos

  • Brody Bro-Blox
    Brody Bro-Blox

    Dababy car

  • Zander Waters
    Zander Waters

    They should make it so infinity gauntlet is the pick

  • TNX Gaming
    TNX Gaming

    How to see clickbates Watch Ali-A

  • RAS Supreme
    RAS Supreme

    I am a pro player can you add me my name is smug ahoy and I play on Xbox

  • Legendary Jp
    Legendary Jp

    I remember I got thanos 1 time and always died to him

  • Aiden Waide
    Aiden Waide

    I want the old map to return more than anything

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith

    I love thonos

  • Alfie Green
    Alfie Green

    I used your code 😀

  • JuloPawlo

    Ohhh i cant wait for Brutus and thanos foght :)

  • Alyssa Carrouthers
    Alyssa Carrouthers

    Anyone else realize that Hawkeyes but was at ease of the grapple bow .

  • Luckboy player Adham
    Luckboy player Adham

    Your such a luck boy Ali A it was my dream to enter the Thanos cup but I have the 2fa problem

  • Scott MATTHEWS
    Scott MATTHEWS

    why now? why not ch2 season4 1st and 2nd Thanos event?


    Fortnite’s main antagonist has returned from the Zero Point, ready to destroy the island

  • tea sis
    tea sis

    I’m on I pad and want it

  • dezfnbr

    It will be like chungus the slurpy boi 💯

  • Pro gamer alien
    Pro gamer alien

    Ali-a you are always right

  • ItzAK

    Fun fact : the way thanos shoots with his hands is like the keymera ray gun

  • Malakai Armstrong
    Malakai Armstrong

    “The end, is near”

  • Malakai Armstrong
    Malakai Armstrong

    I’m gonna buy him, missed his gauntlet 3 years ago

  • KillerKunPRO

    I can imagine Thanos using a gun since the paperweights on the gauntlet won't be of any use 🤣

  • mtk vlogs
    mtk vlogs

    Imagine that skin cranking 90s

  • Julius Javier
    Julius Javier

    End the only skin fortnite needs is the foundation

  • Sam164

    Epic should bring in an og chapter 1 season 1 mode

  • saber cyborg Moose
    saber cyborg Moose

    Today’s my birthday seems to be twelve so 5 days

  • Sean Argen
    Sean Argen

    I remember the endgame ltm

  • JadedFace Beauty
    JadedFace Beauty

    Can you plz be my dou partner for the tournament my epic is DBZKING165

  • Elliots YouTube channel
    Elliots YouTube channel

    I think 🤔 thanos is gunna be lagendary in the item shop

  • Marshall Music Inc.
    Marshall Music Inc.

    It literally says first look at the skin yet he does not show it only the og thanos that you can’t even get...

  • jose saldana
    jose saldana

    8:38 : Ali-A he gonna be huge: :Brutus: and I took that personally

  • Larry Clay
    Larry Clay

    Goku is waiting to get in Fortnite.

  • Matt Richardson
    Matt Richardson

    My duo partner is on a trip so I can’t get him😢

  • Your local thanos
    Your local thanos

    Thanos pickaxe should be his bare hand and gauntlet

    • Your local thanos
      Your local thanos

      And every time you hit anything it will glow all the infinity stone colors 🟠🔴🟡🟢🔵🟣

  • holly Fasig
    holly Fasig

    Power ston

  • Jawsiraptor

    4:30 I have to stop you here, alien minions are called chitauri

  • Conner G
    Conner G

    I bet the skin will be giant and since that u get 20 extra health or more

  • Check it
    Check it

    Still waiting for the ali-A old intro

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee

    Bruh in the first minute he said thanos like 10 times

  • grand master Oliver Thompson fortnight
    grand master Oliver Thompson fortnight

    All the mythics in the endgame ltm are skins except hawkye

  • grand master Oliver Thompson fortnight
    grand master Oliver Thompson fortnight

    Alia do you know how much the bundle is going to be or the skin

  • grand master Oliver Thompson fortnight
    grand master Oliver Thompson fortnight

    I thought beast boy gorilla form would not fit through dorrs no idea how thanos will be

  • Bob Lee Swagger
    Bob Lee Swagger

    Are you telling me the Thanos game is coming back out

  • Ave Gilbert
    Ave Gilbert

    Plz bring the L.T.M back epic anf will he have a pickaxe

  • Shadow Bananaboy
    Shadow Bananaboy

    Me in school : haha My teacher: what are you laughing about would you like to share the class Me : haha thicc purple grape haha

  • John Donaldson
    John Donaldson

    I did my epic thirty_hunt40

  • Batabom Gina
    Batabom Gina

    So fortnite had already teased the mechanical bow

  • Batabom Gina
    Batabom Gina

    Did I realize that Hawkeyes bow was actually the mechanical bow

  • ItzBlu

    Username: Raihan-Gamer4 pls add me your the best!

  • Z3r3xyi

    I don't really play Fortnite alot now but my favorite villain is gonna be a skin oh boy im coming back In june 26th

  • SyKo Gaming2
    SyKo Gaming2

    Thick Brutus but more powerful

  • _ Jorge
    _ Jorge

    That's gonna be hilarious seeing Thanos cracking 90s😂

  • Joeheplays

    June 26th ! My birthday is on June 25th!

  • Patrick Nelson
    Patrick Nelson

    Alia: where has thanos gone? Me: galactus ate him.

  • tom Gallup
    tom Gallup


  • Professor Ugly Llama
    Professor Ugly Llama

    I'm still sad I missed the Avengers Endgame cross over because my PC broke.😭😭😭😭😭

  • jiggerdot1


  • Breyson Alheim
    Breyson Alheim

    I love the videos you make but thanos have to get it

  • Rebecca Rodriguez
    Rebecca Rodriguez


  • Rebecca Rodriguez
    Rebecca Rodriguez

    The day it is in the item shop is one day after my birthday

  • Cynthia Dodson
    Cynthia Dodson

    The Zappa Tron from chapter 1 season one was the first mythic

  • Sebastian Harrison
    Sebastian Harrison

    will the thanos hitbox change

  • Phone House
    Phone House

    Who want to play the thanos cup with me? Username niels7player

  • I don’t post on here any more
    I don’t post on here any more

    It would be cool if the tournament was the og game mode

  • The_MrD_TV

    Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be.

  • Keane Uziel Bautista
    Keane Uziel Bautista


  • Tyrome Tyler
    Tyrome Tyler

    Imagine seeing thanos with a rail gun and a recon scanner

  • PrisonGaming

    Did they make the purple darker on thanos or am I going crazy

  • Broly B
    Broly B

    can someone tell me how much the skin will be

  • i like milk101 fowler
    i like milk101 fowler

    How much will it cost

Jazzu - Vasara
Jazzu - Vasara