*NEW* ICON SKINS - I Got Them EARLY! (Fortnite Season 7)
Fortnite Season 7 - New Icon Skins EARLY!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

  • Ali-A

    Who should get an Icon skin next? Thank you everyone using 🙏🏻

    • Emerald The Pro Gamer
      Emerald The Pro Gamer

      when he said there was a new ps plus skin i went there as fast as possible 😂🤣

    • The RG Boyz
      The RG Boyz


    • 0nyx

      McCreamy because of his iconic look and character.

    • Shadow

      On the fixer back bling it shows how many eliminations u got

    • Mc Gaming
      Mc Gaming

      You should

  • thomas hale
    thomas hale

    It came in season 6

  • PoggersMyGuy


  • Zach Aventures Plays Fortnite
    Zach Aventures Plays Fortnite

    Spider-Man skin

  • Boi

    Fun fact: The last playstation bundle had the dual wield pickaxes you see on the back bling.

  • Rakeem Shah
    Rakeem Shah

    1:12 Eminem lol

  • Rakeem Shah
    Rakeem Shah

    They should add game pass skins

  • Just howez
    Just howez

    I used code Alia in item shop and you deserve a icon skin

  • Adam och Haidar
    Adam och Haidar

    Dababy chould be The next icon series skin

  • Gaming help21
    Gaming help21

    I think you should be the new icon can

  • Preeti Choudhary
    Preeti Choudhary

    9:25 i am dead

  • Magnetwtf


  • Magnetwtf


  • Cole Chipman
    Cole Chipman

    What if you youser that back long in creative and got 100 kills

  • Humberto Garcia
    Humberto Garcia


  • Eagle Spotlight 16
    Eagle Spotlight 16

    TG should get a icon skin

  • Kielan 2012
    Kielan 2012

    Ali-A lcon skin

  • Precious Dinkins
    Precious Dinkins

    I use your code Anonymous

  • neonblue

    how do you buy ps5

  • qatar arts
    qatar arts


  • Christie Bennett
    Christie Bennett

    I reckon that the next fortnight icon series skin should be Alia

  • Tricia Companey
    Tricia Companey

    The next icon series should be ali-a

  • SD_Crazy

    The new Icon skin should be Fresh

  • Jeremiah Loahr
    Jeremiah Loahr

    You deserve the next icon skin

  • Haany

    Ali a you have never used the lazerbeam skin

  • Carjamlastkam


  • NoCap Itz Crysis
    NoCap Itz Crysis

    Left cod to play fortnite miss the old days

  • Jelly


  • BasilTheMonkey34

    hey Ali A got a question (hope you reply) does the Campfire Iluminate the area around it onve youve lit it on the PS5? cos over on the Series X it doesny do it ive reported the bug since s5 but alast it aint been fixed yet

  • Alfyris

    Alia icon skin next?

  • Joe Awofala
    Joe Awofala

    Marco not Marcus Reus ur disrespecting the Dortmund goat

  • Ayşe Sek
    Ayşe Sek

    Al principio, todos no creían en Bitcoin, luego Defi, luego NFT, y ahora alguien realmente no cree en el algoritmo RJV12: D

  • Arda Ayçiçek
    Arda Ayçiçek

    Primero hubo un boom de ICO, luego Defi, luego NFT, y ahora todo el mundo está loco por el algoritmo RJV12

  • Kağan Korkmaz
    Kağan Korkmaz

    Ustedes son tan divertidos, leer sobre el algoritmo RJV12 y el fondo FBC

  • Morgan Martin
    Morgan Martin

    Marcus reus

  • A K E
    A K E

    Por qué tan arriesgado? Solo Google RJV12 y no te preocupes por las tasas de cripto

  • Minecraft DÜNYSI
    Minecraft DÜNYSI

    Todo el mundo se volvió loco con Def, luego Defi, luego NFT, ahora todo el mundo se está volviendo loco con el algoritmo RJV12

  • TylerTempah

    You should get your own

  • Asad

    They can make icon skins I've never heard of but not an Ali-A skin

  • LuisPlayz


  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes

    Why are there so many pc and PlayStation skins but no Xbox skins for free???

  • Ali Dağ
    Ali Dağ

    El algoritmo RJV12 es mi elección, no estoy preocupado por las tasas de BTC en absoluto

  • İçerik Bigi
    İçerik Bigi

    El algoritmo RJV12 es el mejor, no tiene sentido discutir con esto

  • Umut Bey
    Umut Bey

    Por qué preocuparse por las cotizaciones de criptomonedas si existe el algoritmo RJV12?

  • LAz UŞak
    LAz UŞak

    solo el algoritmo RJV12 de Google y no te preocupes

  • bayram sönmez
    bayram sönmez

    hay realmente todavía una persona que no sabe acerca de la existencia del algoritmo RJV12?

  • Anka

    Sí Sí! Lea todo, y luego decir que usted no sabía algoritmo RJV12!

  • Steve Gilbert
    Steve Gilbert

    You your awesome code alia

  • Mason Patterson
    Mason Patterson


  • Ritu Sharma
    Ritu Sharma

    I think sypher and you ali


    It’s unfair he’s n team rumble

  • ΚΦΦπ Σανκεζ
    ΚΦΦπ Σανκεζ

    I think ari should be a icon

  • Boso Yolo
    Boso Yolo

    Its today in itemshop

  • Ali Anderson
    Ali Anderson

    I’m kinda Ali A because my names Ali Anderson

  • Ali Anderson
    Ali Anderson

    Maybe Preston playz or top5gaming

  • Reverse_Gaming@69

    4:35 lol my guy missed a purple pump


    x2twins icon?

  • Wolfpack gaming
    Wolfpack gaming

    They should add lufflur

  • Adham Reda
    Adham Reda

    *Sad Xbox noises*


    Marco not Marcus

  • Nikolai Fiskergaard
    Nikolai Fiskergaard

    When you’re back bling you have pickaxes that’s another free pack pickaks

  • ZAsclmbhyytweq#dfnnhJamieeerihhnbfhknrEf Barrett
    ZAsclmbhyytweq#dfnnhJamieeerihhnbfhknrEf Barrett


  • Kyle Haughie
    Kyle Haughie

    They should not only add celebrities into Fortnite, but they should also add legends into Fortnite. For example, Terry Fox, Wayne Gretzky etc.

  • Benji duck Lazer
    Benji duck Lazer


  • Logan Branscum
    Logan Branscum

    Ali a, you needccan skin

  • Mario III Gutierrez
    Mario III Gutierrez


  • Samir Osman
    Samir Osman

    Either aila or lebron James as a ikon skin

  • darwinb0y

    I think Alia and typicalgamer deserve there own icon skins

  • Ajay Sandretto
    Ajay Sandretto

    Alia you deserve your own skin

  • Milton Michael
    Milton Michael

    Just everyone

  • Milton Michael
    Milton Michael


  • CompSICK0

    I want my icon skin

  • Connor True
    Connor True

    x2 twins

  • Hussam Mokhtar
    Hussam Mokhtar

    Dude Mohamed Ramadan is going to be in the game!!!!!!

  • Brian Valdez
    Brian Valdez

    Man I thought it was Mrtop5 9:18

  • Seriff Surya
    Seriff Surya

    Ali: I missed ONE playstation skin, HOW sad is that ?? Defaults: 👁👄👁


    Hi Ali could you make a video on a tier list about the best icon series emotes or best battlepasses

  • Matthew Plays Games
    Matthew Plays Games

    Kobe deserves a skin 🙏🙏🙏

  • Expert Yeet
    Expert Yeet

    If I'm gonna be honest, I don't like them

  • SOL Bostisi
    SOL Bostisi

    As Liverpool fan I personally aren’t the happiest about the Kane but respect the man for his reputation.

  • Carlos Navarro
    Carlos Navarro

    BOOTS exude me alia

  • Peregrine317

    New Icon skin should be AliA

  • Salvador Banda
    Salvador Banda

    it’s Marco not Marcos

  • Salvador Banda
    Salvador Banda

    you know alia is bad at solos so he has to go to team rumble and finish his “challenge”

  • Mike Nolan
    Mike Nolan

    Marco not Marcus

  • jevin Szafryk
    jevin Szafryk

    Ali a can you pls play Pokemon go pls

  • Malekeyi Duvall
    Malekeyi Duvall

    You and Eminem

  • Ashfreyka _HYDRO
    Ashfreyka _HYDRO


  • Maria Wilson
    Maria Wilson

    Did anyone forget about the abducticking

  • Maria Corona
    Maria Corona

    Cause the ailens took it

  • Maria Corona
    Maria Corona

    What happen to the founddaiton alia

  • Oqzy

    The pickaxe from the PS plus pack before that one included the pickaxe for the skin. and if you use them together they visually unequip from the backbling.

  • Carl Franklin
    Carl Franklin

    I play on ps4 and I didn't get it

  • Egirl carmack 💞
    Egirl carmack 💞

    Can I get that skin if I’m not a LTwhitet

  • PenguinYTFishy


  • philip smith
    philip smith

    You should


    Go ahead and go ahead to go ahead

  • Poki Dot
    Poki Dot


  • ZachKuh

    I’m watching Ali a play team rumble

  • Tech_CamoDude

    Everyone Fight for a PC free skin