Fortnite Season 7’s BIG *SECRET*!
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 - Secret Challenge Message!
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  • Ali-A

    Who’s excited for Season 7?

    • Milojams 1
      Milojams 1


    • Candy

      Who isnt

    • Theo 2.00
      Theo 2.00

      Eeeee÷eeeeeeoooooooooh coming through seson 7 hype

    • -_-bruh-_-


    • suwrj


  • JustusWright45

    Your awesome

  • Saja Lotfy
    Saja Lotfy

    I had finals so I didn’t get to play the last week of s6 so I missed a lot :((

  • Ninja

    I found a can of mutigen from teenage mutant ninja turtles on a rock around holly

  • Icy-_-I

    Wait is the wandavision ending well the last scene the person who is supposedly mari or mary any way her last appearance are they connected somehow hmmm...

  • Hypno

    For the radio quest on that one it told me to watch the stars

  • Milojams 1
    Milojams 1

    On the last day the chairs really really really really really really small

  • Chilli Billy
    Chilli Billy

    Not anyone talking about Ali calling the spire skin the t100

  • Maryam Siddiqi
    Maryam Siddiqi

    when i interact the lines were differnert

  • Ethan Kenney
    Ethan Kenney

    Theory: Mari stands for marigold

  • Alpha Alpaca
    Alpha Alpaca

    I hope that the fish stick alien theory is correct

  • Alpha Alpaca
    Alpha Alpaca

    Fishy army!!!

  • madubt

    So Mari and Dennis are OG save the world characters.

  • Alton P. Cordova
    Alton P. Cordova

    Mari is the one wanting us to know about the aliens so I don't think that it would be her wanting us to destroy the television that are warning us that there's just a few days left.

  • Eyad gamer
    Eyad gamer

    I'm sure it will have something to do with save the world because Dennis is in save the world and Mari's sound is like Ray

  • Blaze

    Monica Ranbeua is also from captain marvel, captain marvel came to the Fortnite map, maybe captain marvel brings her to the Fortnite map?

    • Blaze

      And no it’s not the same actor they are canonically the same person.

  • A and J Having fun
    A and J Having fun


  • shay oconnell
    shay oconnell

    Maybe the silouhette is doctor slone

  • shay oconnell
    shay oconnell

    I.O is imagined order not India oscar

  • Timothy Genoble Jr
    Timothy Genoble Jr


  • Fox X Gamer Plays
    Fox X Gamer Plays

    Dennis from Save The World? Hmm...

  • Weather Mans wrestling and toys
    Weather Mans wrestling and toys

    I’m a big fan

  • 251Grant

    Chapter 2 season 3, the splashdown meaning the landing from space into the sea

  • mitrovic Ani_patri
    mitrovic Ani_patri

    Eim so ikseitet to fortnite chapter 2 season 7

  • Maxjelly14

    I'm go to my steam Meadow and your two current value with the truck and and with the graded upgrade on Wheels 2

  • Maxjelly14

    Ali-A I found a secret get a truck and I will show you tiktok

  • Pixel Player
    Pixel Player

    1:38 There is a character in STW called Dennis. (Might as well throw in that he has a son who has time traveled)

  • Ncstate Fan
    Ncstate Fan

    Monica rambeau pog

  • Sharon Montano
    Sharon Montano


  • Sharon Montano
    Sharon Montano


  • Sharon Montano
    Sharon Montano


  • marwa oraby
    marwa oraby

    Used your code!!!!

  • jason walters
    jason walters

    The helicopter was the imagined order who came back for Jonsey.


    Tiny chair reminds me of shrink ray from despicable me

  • Let’s play
    Let’s play

    I am

  • danny hall
    danny hall

    Hi alia have a check on fortnite and look at the raz glyph master version do you see anything familiar

  • Kellen Smith
    Kellen Smith

    Today I was playing a dous match with my friend and someone got abducted right in front of are eyes

  • Let’s play
    Let’s play

    Duel pistoles are back in the game!

  • Gaw Gaming
    Gaw Gaming

    No one cares

  • Osiel Pais Castillo
    Osiel Pais Castillo

    my shout out alia 😭

  • Simon Barber
    Simon Barber


  • VenatusARM

    8:10 thats Dr. Slone

  • Superwog_clips

    When is season 7

  • Sriram sai Mandavalli
    Sriram sai Mandavalli

    I got abducted while gliding. And on top off that I was nowhere close to colossal crops or the movie place!

  • Bradley Winter
    Bradley Winter

    👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀. 🚀🚀

  • raging 7
    raging 7

    Mcu means marvel cinematic universe and he said Mcu universe which means he's saying marvel cinematic universe universe

  • Thingyland

    I am so excited for season 7

  • NEO Fire
    NEO Fire

    Also if you go to Raz he used to tell you "did I go to the Spire?" but now he says "I made a mistake ".

  • Curry Muncher
    Curry Muncher

    I had way different dialogues than you

  • jow .a
    jow .a

    There’s six guardian towers and the spire. 6+1 is seven. There are seven sisters. I think the sisters of the io are aliens. And there’s been rumours about Kevin cube reappearing and steamy stacks has something to do with Kevin the cube. Maybe the sisters are the next battle pass skins? On the guardian towers the symbols match perfectly to the ones on Kevin cube.

  • Linainga

    Where the 5 one in cb radio channel

  • Ramesh Gandhi Yojit
    Ramesh Gandhi Yojit

    I played season 6 for 3 days than a new season

  • Zac Davie
    Zac Davie

    POV: you work for epic games

  • Jams Jams
    Jams Jams

    I really appreciate the effort of *360sheiltec* on Instagram for helping me retrieve my hacked account.

  • micael cardona
    micael cardona

    The quest you said was from Mari was actually from Dr. Slone

  • clair mason
    clair mason

    Anyone else get different messages like turk asking questions about mari and mari using a TRUCKER channel which turk is on listening to please i need answers

  • yeah nah yeah
    yeah nah yeah

    Hoping there is mini ufo traversal emote

  • Giulian Campopiano
    Giulian Campopiano

    I got abducted outside of the zone what I was doing a quest for the telescope and radio 📻

  • ahmad mughal
    ahmad mughal


  • Briony Perry
    Briony Perry

    Area 51 vibein :)

  • Briony Perry
    Briony Perry


  • Sheri Rabanne
    Sheri Rabanne

    I'm exited a lot

  • ewan1983mr

    o i sterted a youtube chanle

  • MrlukeL

    U have lag

  • GoHazzer101


  • Nova2xD

    8:09 i dont think that character is Mari cuz Mari is actually an STW character :D

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis

    And we saw a unoun skin

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis

    So when the vid ended and me and my brother were playing a solo map and then we saw a ufo upducting thum thing

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    And you spawn and run location bye

  • le xa
    le xa

    Ali I got different speech from the radio

  • Abdulrahman Mohammad
    Abdulrahman Mohammad

    Fun fact there used to be an old helicopter I wonder if it also had imagined order logo can u confirm it

  • General Howser
    General Howser


  • Christopher Page
    Christopher Page


  • Sampraz

    Ali a getting big or fat u decide

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke

    Come on naruto skin pls

  • Axel Martinez
    Axel Martinez

    US government will be telling people and show them proof of aliens around the world. Aliens coming to fortnite 🤯

  • Ali HASAN
    Ali HASAN

    My Radio said a pat a plus kangaroos and octopus

  • Snoop doggy dog
    Snoop doggy dog

    Um I did the same order but it said something else

  • StelthStriker786

    dennis is a character from save the world, and mari is also a playable character as well, think she was a ninja.

  • Slayed.

    Rip it the people that don’t want season 7 but have to what centuries for the game to update.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    The ??? Person is slone Jones boss

  • Mizael rivera
    Mizael rivera

    you can see an alien chip in the fortnite chapter 2 season 6 trailer you need to look wen the camera is going to show the zero poit 🛸🛸🛸🛸

  • Alfyris

    Cant wait for season 7

  • Don Gana
    Don Gana

    I am SO hyped for season seven. Cant wait. Also i am a HUGE fan Ali a. You are the best youtuber ever!!!!

  • Krazy gamer
    Krazy gamer


  • Wes Animated
    Wes Animated

    The simple on that persons arm is a marking from the sand village and if it is at the spire then that means the spire is owned by the sand village perhaps

  • LeoTheNerd

    The joy cons that was shown when he was showing that Nintendo teased about fortnite, I have the same kind of joy cons, and I play fortnite on switch

  • Unkown_ JiggyJay
    Unkown_ JiggyJay

    Yesterday I got teleported by aliens into a fight with no weapons and died instantly but still it was really cool.

  • TheGodlyGamerYT

    Lol in the radios, i love how they put in save the world characters

    • -_-bruh-_-

      : awesome:

    • -_-bruh-_-


    • suwrj

      They did that

  • Engel Bautista
    Engel Bautista

    i just got ubtucted

    • Engel Bautista
      Engel Bautista


  • Calvin

    I got unsuited in a building it didn't take me

  • Harrison Barnard
    Harrison Barnard

    I so hope there will be a Wandavision skin

  • Christiano Lewis
    Christiano Lewis

    Has anyone else noticed that the CB radios have a huge giveaway with one of the male voices saying "Alien Girl"?

  • Gamer105 12
    Gamer105 12

    I know that

  • Optimar

    Fortnite: They’re coming Me: THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!

  • Jayda Tabio
    Jayda Tabio

    I played on switch but saw nothing

  • Brandonius

    dennis is the teenager from stw

  • Badgeon Streams
    Badgeon Streams

    In a show called resident alien they say aliens are relatives of octopus so maybe we will see the alien from that show coming?

  • TJ Burgon
    TJ Burgon

    Hi Ali I used a CB radio and Turk said that mari was the star of a alien tv show and he is trying to get more information about mari

  • Max Constable
    Max Constable

    Maybe Mari is in the seven?.... ahhh idk